from Sealdah to Bidyadharpur F
34512SDAH CG LOCAL05.4506.1700.32hr
34514SDAH CG LOCAL06.3007.0400.34hr
34516SDAH CG LOCAL07.4208.1700.35hr
34518SDAH CG LOCAL08.2809.0500.37hr
34520SDAH CG LOCAL09.1009.4500.35hr
34522SDAH CG LOCAL10.2410.5800.34hr
34524SDAH CG LOCAL11.2512.0000.35hr
34526SDAH CG LOCAL12.1012.4500.35hr
34528SDAH CG LOCAL13.4014.1600.36hr
34530SDAH CG LOCAL14.0214.3600.34hr
34532SDAH CG LOCAL14.4815.2300.35hr
34534SDAH CG LOCAL15.3316.0800.35hr
34536SDAH CG LOCAL16.3517.1000.35hr
34538SDAH CG LOCAL17.1517.4900.34hr
34540SDAH CG LOCAL17.5218.2700.35hr
34502SDAH CG LADIES SPL18.2018.5600.36hr
34542SDAH CG LOCAL18.3819.1200.34hr
34544SDAH CG LOCAL19.3020.0200.32hr
34546SDAH CG LOCAL20.1020.4500.35hr
34548SDAH CG LOCAL20.4821.2200.34hr
34550SDAH CG LOCAL21.3622.1100.35hr
34552SDAH CG LOCAL22.3523.1000.35hr
34554SDAH CG LOCAL23.1823.5000.32hr
from Dum Dum to Bidyadharpur F
34062BNJ CG LOCAL12.3013.3501.05hr
from Ballygunge Jn to Bidyadharpur F
30552MJT GOF LOCAL19.5820.2200.24hr
from Sonarpur Jn to Bidyadharpur F
34352SPR CG LOCAL04.5004.5400.04hr
34354SPR CG LOCAL05.3005.3400.04hr
34356SPR CG LOCAL05.5706.0100.04hr
34358SPR CG LOCAL06.4006.4400.04hr
34360SPR CG LOCAL07.2007.2400.04hr

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