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Sealdah (SDAH) to Guma (GUMA) Trains

from Sealdah to Guma
33811SDAH BNJ LOCAL03.1504.1300.58hr
33813SDAH BNJ LOCAL04.1505.1701.02hr
33651SDAH HB LOCAL04.4505.4801.03hr
33815SDAH BNJ LOCAL04.5505.5901.04hr
33817SDAH BNJ LOCAL05.5606.5601.00hr
33653SDAH HB LOCAL06.4807.5201.04hr
33819SDAH BNJ LOCAL07.1008.1601.06hr
33821SDAH BNJ LOCAL08.1009.1201.02hr
33823SDAH BNJ LOCAL08.4209.4501.03hr
33681SDAH GBG LOCAL09.1010.1401.04hr
33825SDAH BNJ LOCAL10.0511.1101.06hr
33655SDAH HB LOCAL11.2012.2201.02hr
33827SDAH BNJ LOCAL11.2812.3201.04hr
33657SDAH HB LOCAL11.5713.0101.04hr
33829SDAH BNJ LOCAL12.2713.2901.02hr
33831SDAH BNJ LOCAL12.4713.5001.03hr
33659SDAH HB LOCAL13.3214.3401.02hr
33833SDAH BNJ LOCAL13.5514.5701.02hr
33863SDAH BNJ LOCAL14.2515.2801.03hr
33835SDAH BNJ LOCAL15.1016.1201.02hr
33895SDAH TKNR FAST15.3216.2900.57hr
33837SDAH BNJ LOCAL15.5016.5301.03hr
33839SDAH BNJ LOCAL16.4217.4401.02hr
33841SDAH BNJ LOCAL17.1018.1301.03hr
33801SDAH BNJ LADIES SPL17.3018.3601.06hr
33843SDAH BNJ LOCAL17.4518.5001.05hr
33845SDAH BNJ LOCAL18.3619.3801.02hr
33847SDAH BNJ LOCAL18.5520.0001.05hr
33849SDAH BNJ LOCAL19.2520.3101.06hr
33851SDAH BNJ LOCAL20.0521.0801.03hr
33685SDAH GBG LOCAL20.2321.2501.02hr
33853SDAH BNJ LOCAL21.0222.0501.03hr
33855SDAH BNJ LOCAL21.4522.4801.03hr
33857SDAH BNJ LOCAL22.3223.3601.04hr
33859SDAH BNJ LOCAL22.5800.0301.05hr
33861SDAH BNJ LOCAL23.4000.4301.03hr
from Dum Dum to Guma
30333MJT HB LOCAL12.4813.3700.49hr
30331MJT HB LOCAL18.3319.2200.49hr
33271DDJ GBG LOCAL19.2520.1300.48hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sealdah and Guma?
    There are 39 trains beween Sealdah and Guma.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sealdah?
    The first train from Sealdah to Guma is Sealdah Bangaon Jn LOCAL (33811) departs at 03.15 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sealdah?
    The first train from Sealdah to Guma is Sealdah Bangaon Jn LOCAL (33861) departs at 23.40 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Guma and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sealdah to Guma is Dumdum Jn Gobardanga LOCAL (33271) departs at 19.25 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 31km in 00.48 hrs.