from Sealdah to Harua Road
33511SDAH HNB LOCAL05.1806.3401.16hr
33513SDAH HNB LOCAL06.1207.2601.14hr
33515SDAH HNB LOCAL07.4008.5801.18hr
33517SDAH HNB LOCAL08.2009.3501.15hr
33519SDAH HNB LOCAL09.1810.4001.22hr
33521SDAH HNB LOCAL11.0512.1901.14hr
33523SDAH HNB LOCAL12.1513.2801.13hr
33525SDAH HNB LOCAL14.1715.3401.17hr
33527SDAH HNB FAST14.5216.1001.18hr
33529SDAH HNB FAST18.0019.1501.15hr
33531SDAH HNB FAST19.4520.5701.12hr
33533SDAH HNB LOCAL22.1523.3901.24hr
from Dum Dum to Harua Road
30321MJT HNB LOCAL10.2811.3201.04hr
30361MJT HNB LOCAL13.2714.2600.59hr

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