from Secunderabad Jn to Manmad Jn
17058DEVAGIRI EXP12.2501.4013.15hr
17020HYB JP EXP15.4504.1512.30hr
17002SC SNSI EXP16.4007.2514.45hr
17206COA SNSI EXP16.4007.2514.45hr
17208BZA SNSI EXP16.4007.2514.45hr
17064AJANTA EXPRESS18.1006.4512.35hr
17417TPTY SNSI EXP21.2010.1512.55hr
18503VSKP SNSI EXP22.0010.1512.15hr
from Kacheguda to Manmad Jn
57561KCG MMR PASS04.5023.0018.10hr
16733RMM OKHA EXPRES23.5012.3012.40hr

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