from Secunderabad Jn to Medchal
77601SC MED LOCAL04.0505.2501.20hr
77603SC MOB LOCAL06.1007.0000.50hr
77607SC MED LOCAL10.1011.1501.05hr
77613SC MOB LOCAL14.5015.4300.53hr
07713BZA NSL SPL15.4516.1500.30hr
17020HYB JP EXP15.4516.1500.30hr
77615SC MED LOCAL16.4517.5501.10hr
02731HYB JP SPL17.0017.3900.39hr
17064AJANTA EXPRESS18.1018.4400.34hr
77617SC MOB LOCAL18.2219.1400.52hr
77619SC MED LOCAL20.4521.5501.10hr
19714SC JP EXP21.2022.0900.49hr
57563HYB PBN PAS23.1000.1001.00hr
from Kacheguda to Medchal
57561KCG MMR PASS04.5006.1501.25hr
57601KCG KRMR PASS06.0007.0401.04hr
17639KCG AK EXP07.1008.1001.00hr
17641KCG NRKR EXP07.1008.1001.00hr
77679FM MED DEMU08.5010.2501.35hr
57690KCG NZB PASS09.5010.5401.04hr
07614QLN NZB EXPRESS10.0011.0501.05hr
57307KCG MED PASS10.0511.3001.25hr
77609FM MOB LOCAL10.2512.0001.35hr
77681FM MED DEMU13.3114.4501.14hr
57473KCG BDHN PASS16.1018.0001.50hr
57688KCG NZB PASS18.5519.3400.39hr
57448MBNR MZL PASS19.0020.1001.10hr

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