from Secunderabad Jn to Pune Jn
11020KONARK EXPRESS11.4023.4512.05hr
18519VSKP LTT EXPRESS13.0500.5511.50hr
12026PUNE SHATABDI14.4523.1008.25hr
17018RAJKOT EXPRESS15.0002.0011.00hr
17204COA BVC EXPRESS15.0002.0011.00hr
19201SC PBR EXP15.0002.0011.00hr
22882BBS PUNE EXP17.5005.0011.10hr
17221COA LTT EXPRESS20.2507.5011.25hr
12220DURONTO AC EXP23.0507.5008.45hr
from Hyderabad Decan to Pune Jn
12702HUSSAINSAGAR EX14.4501.1010.25hr
17032MUMBAI EXP20.4009.0512.25hr
17014HYB PUNE EXP22.4513.1514.30hr
from Lingampalli to Pune Jn
19315LPI INDB HUMSAFR21.2007.5010.30hr
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