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Sewri (SVE) to Ville Parle (VLP) Trains

from Sewri to Ville Parle
98701CSTM ADH LOCAL04.4105.0400.23hr
98703CSTM ADH LOCAL05.1105.3400.23hr
98705CSTM ADH LOCAL05.2505.4800.23hr
98707CSTM ADH LOCAL05.4006.0300.23hr
98709CSTM ADH LOCAL06.0506.2800.23hr
98711CSTM ADH LOCAL06.2706.5000.23hr
98713CSTM ADH LOCAL06.5107.1400.23hr
98715CSTM ADH LOCAL07.2007.4500.25hr
98717CSTM ADH LOCAL07.5108.1400.23hr
98719CSTM ADH LOCAL08.1908.4200.23hr
98721CSTM ADH LOCAL08.5709.2100.24hr
98723CSTM GMN LOCAL09.1709.4000.23hr
98725CSTM GMN LOCAL09.4110.0300.22hr
98727CSTM GMN LOCAL10.1110.3400.23hr
98729CSTM GMN LOCAL10.3711.0000.23hr
98731CSTM GMN LOCAL11.0311.2500.22hr
98733CSTM GMN LOCAL11.3111.5400.23hr
98735CSTM GMN LOCAL12.0312.2600.23hr
98737CSTM GMN LOCAL12.2812.5200.24hr
91393CSTM GMN LOCAL12.5013.1200.22hr
98739CSTM GMN LOCAL13.1313.3700.24hr
98741CSTM GMN LOCAL13.4214.0600.24hr
98743CSTM GMN LOCAL14.0714.3100.24hr
91395CSTM GMN LOCAL14.3114.5400.23hr
98745CSTM GMN LOCAL14.3915.0300.24hr
98747CSTM GMN LOCAL15.0715.3100.24hr
98749CSTM GMN LOCAL15.3515.5900.24hr
98751CSTM GMN LOCAL16.0316.2700.24hr
98753CSTM GMN LOCAL16.3116.5500.24hr
98755CSTM GMN LOCAL16.5817.2200.24hr
98757CSTM GMN LOCAL17.2717.5100.24hr
98759CSTM GMN LOCAL17.5218.1500.23hr
98761CSTM GMN LOCAL18.2018.4400.24hr
98763CSTM GMN LOCAL18.5219.1600.24hr
98765CSTM ADH LOCAL19.0819.3200.24hr
98767CSTM ADH LOCAL19.2419.4800.24hr
98769CSTM ADH LOCAL19.5620.2000.24hr
98771CSTM ADH LOCAL20.2420.4800.24hr
98773CSTM ADH LOCAL20.5121.1500.24hr
91491CSTM BVI LOCAL21.0021.2200.22hr
98775CSTM ADH LOCAL21.2521.4900.24hr
98777CSTM ADH LOCAL22.0122.2500.24hr
98779CSTM ADH LOCAL22.2722.5100.24hr
98781CSTM ADH LOCAL22.5223.1600.24hr
98783CSTM ADH LOCAL23.1723.3900.22hr
98785CSTM ADH LOCAL23.5300.1500.22hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sewri and Ville Parle?
    There are 46 trains beween Sewri and Ville Parle.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sewri?
    The first train from Sewri to Ville Parle is Mumbai Cst Andheri LOCAL (98701) departs at 04.41 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sewri?
    The first train from Sewri to Ville Parle is Mumbai Cst Andheri LOCAL (98785) departs at 23.53 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Ville Parle and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sewri to Ville Parle is CSTM GMN LOCAL (98725) departs at 09.41 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 13km in 00.22 hrs.