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Shalimar (SHM) to Kharagpur Jn (KGP) Trains

from Shalimar to Kharagpur Jn
22861RAJYA RANI EXP06.3008.2001.50hr
12885ARANYAK EXPRESS07.4509.2701.42hr
22849SHM SC WKLY EXP12.1014.0001.50hr
22825SHM MAS SF EXP12.1014.0001.50hr
08037SHM BBS EXAM SPL13.0015.3002.30hr
18030SHM LTT EXPRESS15.0017.3502.35hr
12773SHM SC AC EXP16.0517.5001.45hr
08093SHM VZR WEEKLY SPL17.3519.2701.52hr
18007SHM-BPO SIMLIPAL EXP17.3519.3001.55hr
22853SHM VSKP SF EXP18.1520.0501.50hr
15021SHM GKP EXPRESS20.2022.1001.50hr
19659SHM UDZ EXPRESS20.2022.1001.50hr
22830SHM BHUJ SF EXP20.2022.1001.50hr
22835SHM PURI SF EXP20.5522.4001.45hr
12660GURUDEV EXPRESS23.0501.0201.57hr
22642SHM TVC EXPRESS23.0501.0201.57hr
from Howrah Jn to Kharagpur Jn
58001HWH PURI PASS00.0503.0503.00hr
22502NTSK SBC EXPRESS01.0502.4501.40hr
12508SCL TVC EXPRESS01.0502.4501.40hr
12510GHY BNC EXPRESS01.0502.4501.40hr
12514GHY SC EXPRESS01.0502.4501.40hr
12516SCL TVC EXPRESS01.0502.4501.40hr
38801HWH MDN LOCAL02.4005.0502.25hr
38701HWH KGP FAST03.0505.1502.10hr
38703HWH KGP LOCAL03.2506.0002.35hr
38803HWH MDN LOCAL04.2507.0002.35hr
38705HWH KGP LOCAL04.5507.2802.33hr
38805HWH MDN LOCAL05.3508.1502.40hr
12821DHAULI EXP06.0007.4001.40hr
12021BBN JANSHATABDI06.2008.0001.40hr
38807HWH MDN LOCAL06.3009.1502.45hr
12871ISPAT EXPRESS06.5508.3501.40hr
38707HWH KGP LOCAL07.1510.0502.50hr
12703FALAKNUMA EXP07.2509.0501.40hr
38809HWH MDN LOCAL08.0010.5202.52hr
12865LALMATI EXPRESS08.3010.1801.48hr
38811HWH MDN LOCAL08.5011.2502.35hr
38813HWH MDN LOCAL09.4712.2702.40hr
68003HWH GTS MEMU10.0012.0002.00hr
38815HWH MDN LOCAL10.2513.1002.45hr
38711HWH KGP LOCAL10.5013.4302.53hr
22863HWH YPR AC EXP10.5012.3001.40hr
18645EAST COAST EXP11.4513.4802.03hr
38713HWH KGP LOCAL11.5514.4002.45hr
38817HWH MDN LOCAL12.1514.5202.37hr
12504KYQ BNC HUMSAFAR12.4014.2501.45hr
22887HUMSAFAR EXP12.4014.2501.45hr
20889HUMSAFAR EXP12.4014.2501.45hr
08627HWH RNC SPL12.5014.3001.40hr
22891HWH RNC INT EXP12.5014.3001.40hr
38717HWH KGP LOCAL12.5715.3502.38hr
12073BBS JAN SHATABD13.2515.0501.40hr
38819HWH MDN LOCAL13.3516.2502.50hr
12860GITANJALI EXP13.4015.2001.40hr
38719HWH KGP LOCAL14.1017.0202.52hr
12277SATABDI EXPRESS14.2516.0501.40hr
12870HWH CSMT EXPRES14.3516.1501.40hr
22894HWH SNSI EXPRESS14.3516.1501.40hr
22512KARMABHOOMI EXP14.3516.1501.40hr
12841COROMANDAL EXP14.5016.3001.40hr
58003HWH BHC PASS15.2518.0502.40hr
22831HWH SSPN EXPRESS15.3517.1501.40hr
38821HWH MDN FAST16.0018.1202.12hr
12663HWH TPJ EXPRESS16.1017.5001.40hr
12665KANNYAKUMARI EXP16.1017.5001.40hr
22817HWH MYS EXPRESS16.1017.5001.40hr
38721HWH KGP LOCAL16.3019.0702.37hr
12827HWH PRR EXP16.5018.3001.40hr
22877HWH ERS ANTYODAYA EXP17.0018.4501.45hr
68007HWH JER MEMU17.0019.4202.42hr
38823HWH MDN FAST17.2019.5002.30hr
12813STEEL EXPRESS17.3019.1001.40hr
58015HWH ADRA PASS17.4520.0002.15hr
38825HWH MDN FAST18.1520.2302.08hr
38827HWH MDN FAST18.3520.5502.20hr
38723HWH KGP LADIES SPL18.4521.2202.37hr
38829HWH MDN FAST19.3522.0202.27hr
12810HWH MUMBAI MAIL20.0021.4001.40hr
38831HWH MDN LOCAL20.1022.4802.38hr
12863HWH YPR EXPRESS20.3522.2501.50hr
38725HWH KGP LOCAL20.4823.2502.37hr
12881HWH PURI G RATH20.5522.4001.45hr
12887HWH PURI EXPRESS20.5522.4001.45hr
12895HWH PURI EXPRES20.5522.4001.45hr
22803HWH SBP SUP EXP20.5522.4001.45hr
12152SAMARSATA EXP21.1523.0001.45hr
18005HWH SBP JDB EXP21.3023.4502.15hr
38727HWH KGP LOCAL21.3500.1502.40hr
12130AZAD HIND EXP21.4523.3001.45hr
18615KRIYA YOGA EXP22.1023.5901.49hr
12837HWH PURI EXP22.3500.1801.43hr
12906HWH PBR OKHAEXP22.5000.3001.40hr
58013HWH BKSC PASS23.0501.4002.35hr
58011HWH CKP PAS23.0501.4002.35hr
15228MFP YPR EXP23.1501.0001.45hr
15644KYQ PURI EXPRESS23.1500.5501.40hr
12254ANGA EXPRESS23.3001.1001.40hr
12867HWH PDY EXP23.3001.1001.40hr
18047AMARAVATHI EXP23.3001.1001.40hr
12839HWH MAS MAIL23.4501.2501.40hr
12834HWH ADI EXPRESS23.5502.0002.05hr
from Santragachi Jn to Kharagpur Jn
12883RUPASIBANGLA EXP06.2507.5001.25hr
68001SRC JGM MEMU06.4508.4001.55hr
22857SRC ANVT SF EXP08.5510.3501.40hr
38709SRC KGP LOCAL11.0013.3002.30hr
38715SRC KGP MEMU12.4515.0002.15hr
18009SRC AII EXPRESS13.0014.3001.30hr
06009SRC PDY SPL14.1015.4001.30hr
12768SRC NED EXP14.5016.1501.25hr
22855SRC TPTY SF EXP15.5017.1501.25hr
22851MAQ VIVEK EXP15.5017.1501.25hr
20822HUMSAFAR EXP18.2519.5701.32hr
22841SRC MAS ANTYODAYA EXPRESS19.0020.2701.27hr
22807SRC MAS AC EXP19.0020.2701.27hr
22813SRC PRDP SF EXP20.2521.5501.30hr
20828HUMSAFAR EXP20.2522.1001.45hr
12950PBR KAVIGURU EXP21.2523.0001.35hr
06057SRC MAS SPECIAL23.5001.3501.45hr
from Sealdah to Kharagpur Jn
22201DURONTO EXPRESS20.0022.1502.15hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Shalimar and Kharagpur Jn?
    There are 121 trains beween Shalimar and Kharagpur Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Shalimar?
    The first train from Shalimar to Kharagpur Jn is Howrah Jn Puri PASSENGER (58001) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Shalimar?
    The first train from Shalimar to Kharagpur Jn is Howrah Jn Ahmedabad Jn EXPRESS (12834) departs at 23.55 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kharagpur Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Shalimar to Kharagpur Jn is Santragachi Jn Purulia Jn RUPASIBANGLA EXPRESS (12883) departs at 06.25 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 108km in 01.25 hrs.