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Shrirampur (SRP) to Nasibpur (NSF) Trains

from Shrirampur to Nasibpur
37371HWH GOGT LOCAL04.5205.1100.19hr
37361HWH AMBG LOCAL05.4005.5700.17hr
37303HWH SIU LOCAL06.0206.1900.17hr
37311HWH TAK LOCAL06.2506.4100.16hr
37313HWH TAK LOCAL07.0207.1900.17hr
37307HWH HPL LOCAL07.2207.3800.16hr
37373HWH GOGT LOCAL07.5508.1200.17hr
37315HWH TAK LOCAL08.5509.1200.17hr
37317HWH TAK LOCAL09.3509.5000.15hr
37363HWH AMBG LOCAL10.2510.4000.15hr
37319HWH TAK LOCAL10.5011.0500.15hr
37375HWH GOGT LOCAL11.0611.2100.15hr
37321HWH TAK LOCAL11.2111.3700.16hr
37323HWH TAK LOCAL12.0512.2200.17hr
37365HWH AMBG LOCAL12.4513.0300.18hr
37327HWH TAK LOCAL14.0814.2500.17hr
37329HWH TAK LOCAL14.4014.5600.16hr
37331HWH TAK LOCAL15.3515.5600.21hr
37333HWH TAK LOCAL16.4016.5500.15hr
37377HWH GOGT LOCAL17.0017.1600.16hr
37367HWH AMBG LOCAL17.4317.5700.14hr
37335HWH TAK LOCAL18.1218.3100.19hr
37337HWH TAK LOCAL18.4018.5500.15hr
37379HWH GOGT LOCAL19.1019.2500.15hr
37339HWH TAK LOCAL19.3519.5600.21hr
37305HWH SIU LOCAL19.4820.0900.21hr
37341HWH TAK LOCAL20.2020.3600.16hr
37343HWH TAK LOCAL20.3520.5100.16hr
37345HWH TAK LOCAL21.1021.2600.16hr
37347HWH TAK LOCAL21.4522.0100.16hr
37349HWH TAK LOCAL22.3522.5400.19hr
37351HWH TAK LOCAL23.3023.4700.17hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Shrirampur and Nasibpur?
    There are 32 trains beween Shrirampur and Nasibpur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Shrirampur?
    The first train from Shrirampur to Nasibpur is HWH GOGT LOCAL (37371) departs at 04.52 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Shrirampur?
    The first train from Shrirampur to Nasibpur is Howrah Jn Tarakeswar LOCAL (37351) departs at 23.30 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Nasibpur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Shrirampur to Nasibpur is Howrah Jn Arambag LOCAL (37367) departs at 17.43 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 10km in 00.14 hrs.