from Somnath to Maliya Hatina
59422SMNH RJT PASS04.2005.4001.20hr
19120SMNH ADI EXPRES06.2507.2100.56hr
11463SMNH JBP EXPRES09.3010.2200.52hr
11465SMNH JBP EXPRES09.3010.2200.52hr
59508SMNH RJT PASS11.0012.1101.11hr
59298SMNH PBR PASS14.1015.0700.57hr
19251SMNH OKHA EXP22.3523.1800.43hr
from Veraval to Maliya Hatina
19570VRL MMCT EXP13.2013.5400.34hr
59424VRL RJT PASS17.2518.0200.37hr
22958SOMNATH EXPRESS21.3522.0900.34hr

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