from Son Nagar Jn to Nabinagar Road
53350DOS BRWD PASS05.4206.2700.45hr
53526BSB BRKA PASS10.5111.3100.40hr
53358DOS BRKA PASS14.2415.0700.43hr
18312BSB SBP EXPRESS18.3119.0600.35hr
18612BSB RNC EXPRESS18.3119.0600.35hr
18632RNC GARIB NAWAZ18.3119.0600.35hr
53612DOS BRWD PASS19.1519.5400.39hr
13348PALAMOU EXP23.1401.2002.06hr
23348PNBE SGRL LNK EX23.1401.2602.12hr
from Dehri On Son to Nabinagar Road
12878NDLS RNC G RATH02.4303.0600.23hr

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