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Sonpur Jn (SEE) to Hajipur Jn (HJP) Trains

from Sonpur Jn
15098AMARNATH EXP01.55Hajipur Jn02.0500.10hr
15270JANSADHARAN EXP01.55Hajipur Jn02.0500.10hr
15652LOHIT EXPRESS01.55Hajipur Jn02.0500.10hr
11033DARBHANGA EXP02.13Hajipur Jn02.2500.12hr
15268JANSADHARAN EXP02.13Hajipur Jn02.2500.12hr
19053ST MFP EXPRESS03.02Hajipur Jn03.1500.13hr
75212SEE SPJ DMU03.20Hajipur Jn03.3000.10hr
15204LJN BJU EXP03.37Hajipur Jn03.5000.13hr
15232GONDIA BJU EXP03.55Hajipur Jn04.0500.10hr
19051SHRAMIK EXPRESS04.42Hajipur Jn04.5200.10hr
15910AVADH ASSAM EXP05.10Hajipur Jn05.2300.13hr
63285BJU PNBE MEMU06.35Patna Jn09.2002.45hr
63286SEE BJU MEMU07.05Hajipur Jn07.1500.10hr
12566BIHAR S KRANTI07.18Hajipur Jn07.2800.10hr
55022SV SPJ PASS07.35Hajipur Jn07.4500.10hr
15560ADI DBG JANSADHARAN07.50Hajipur Jn08.0000.10hr
11124GWL BJU MAIL08.15Hajipur Jn08.2500.10hr
15210JANSEWA EXP08.45Hajipur Jn08.5500.10hr
12524NDLS NJP SF EXP08.57Hajipur Jn09.0700.10hr
63284PNBE BJU MEMU09.08Hajipur Jn09.2000.12hr
63287BJU PPTA PASS09.35Patliputra10.1500.40hr
63267MFP PPTA PASS09.52Patliputra10.3500.43hr
15202INTER CITY EXP10.25Patliputra11.1800.53hr
15708ASR KIR EXPRESS10.55Hajipur Jn11.0500.10hr
15549JYG PNBE INT EXP11.00Patna Jn13.4002.40hr
63266PPTA MFP PASS11.50Hajipur Jn12.0500.15hr
13106BUI SDAH EXP12.20Hajipur Jn12.3800.18hr
15028MAURYA EXPRESS12.45Hajipur Jn12.5500.10hr
13138AMH KOAA EXP13.00Hajipur Jn13.1000.10hr
14604JANSADHARAN EXP13.12Hajipur Jn13.2500.13hr
15280POORABIYA EXP13.12Hajipur Jn13.2500.13hr
12554VAISHALI EXP13.30Hajipur Jn13.4000.10hr
55542BHBR HJP PASS13.43Hajipur Jn13.5300.10hr
12562SWATANTRTA S EXP13.55Hajipur Jn14.0500.10hr
18182CPR TATA EXP14.12Hajipur Jn14.2500.13hr
19165SABARMATI EXP14.32Hajipur Jn14.4200.10hr
14006LICHCHAVI EXP15.18Hajipur Jn15.2800.10hr
15048PURVANCHAL EXP15.45Hajipur Jn15.5500.10hr
14008SADHBHAWNA EXP16.05Hajipur Jn16.1500.10hr
14016SADHBHAWNA EXP16.05Hajipur Jn16.1500.10hr
14018SADBHAVNA EXP16.20Hajipur Jn16.3000.10hr
15550PNBE JYG INT EXP16.42Hajipur Jn16.5500.13hr
63265MFP PPTA PASS16.52Patliputra17.4000.48hr
19305INDB GHY EXP16.57Hajipur Jn17.1000.13hr
15716GARIB NAWAJ EXP17.15Hajipur Jn17.2500.10hr
15201RXL INT CITY EX17.40Hajipur Jn17.5500.15hr
14650SARYUYAMUNA EXP18.00Hajipur Jn18.1000.10hr
14674SHAHEED EXP18.00Hajipur Jn18.1000.10hr
63288PPTA BJU PASS18.15Hajipur Jn18.2500.10hr
63283BJU PNBE MEMU18.25Patna Jn19.4501.20hr
13020BAGH EXPRESS18.40Hajipur Jn18.5000.10hr
63268PPTA MFP PASS19.00Hajipur Jn19.1000.10hr
12522RAPTISAGAR EXP19.37Hajipur Jn19.5000.13hr
11061DARBHANGA EXP20.40Hajipur Jn20.5000.10hr
63280SEE BJU MEMU21.40Hajipur Jn21.5000.10hr
14524HARIHARNATH EXP21.54Hajipur Jn22.0500.11hr
12492MAUR DHAWAJ EXP22.07Hajipur Jn22.2000.13hr
15904CDG DBRG EXPRESS22.07Hajipur Jn22.2000.13hr
15532ASR SHC JANSADHARAN22.07Hajipur Jn22.2000.13hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sonpur Jn and Hajipur Jn?
    There are 59 trains beween Sonpur Jn and Hajipur Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sonpur Jn?
    The first train from Sonpur Jn to Hajipur Jn is Jammu Tawi Bhagalpur AMARNATH EXPRESS (15098) departs at 01.55 and train runs on Th.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sonpur Jn?
    The first train from Sonpur Jn to Hajipur Jn is Amritsar Jn Saharsa Jn JANSADHARAN (15532) departs at 22.07 and train runs on Tu.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Hajipur Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sonpur Jn to Hajipur Jn is Jammu Tawi Bhagalpur AMARNATH EXPRESS (15098) departs at 01.55 and train runs on Th. It covers the distance of 5km in 00.10 hrs.