from Subhas Gram to Dhamua
34858SDAH DH LOCAL00.1100.3100.20hr
34882SPR DH LOCAL04.5405.1400.20hr
34814SDAH DH LOCAL05.1405.3800.24hr
34816SDAH DH LOCAL05.5606.2100.25hr
34818SDAH DH LOCAL06.5107.1600.25hr
34820SDAH DH LOCAL07.2707.5200.25hr
34824SDAH DH LOCAL08.2108.4900.28hr
34826SDAH DH LOCAL09.2809.5200.24hr
34828SDAH DH LOCAL10.2810.5100.23hr
34830SDAH DH LOCAL11.1111.3400.23hr
34832SDAH DH LOCAL12.1312.3800.25hr
34834SDAH DH LOCAL13.0613.3100.25hr
34836SDAH DH LOCAL13.5714.2000.23hr
34838SDAH DH LOCAL14.4115.0400.23hr
34860SDAH DH LOCAL15.2815.5200.24hr
34840SDAH DH LOCAL16.1316.3700.24hr
34842SDAH DH LOCAL17.2617.5100.25hr
34844SDAH DH LOCAL18.3318.5800.25hr
34846SDAH DH LOCAL19.1719.3800.21hr
34898SDAH MGT LOCAL19.3519.5800.23hr
34848SDAH DH LOCAL20.1520.3800.23hr
34850SDAH DH LOCAL20.5221.1400.22hr
34852SDAH DH LOCAL21.4122.0500.24hr
34854SDAH DH LOCAL22.2622.5200.26hr
34856SDAH DH LOCAL23.1523.3900.24hr
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