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Subzi Mandi (SZM) to Aligarh Jn (ALJN) Trains

from Subzi Mandi to Aligarh Jn
18310JAT SBP EXP04.1007.0602.56hr
18102JAT MURI TATA EXPRESS04.1007.0602.56hr
12312KALKA MAIL05.4509.2803.43hr
15708ASR KIR EXPRESS14.4217.2502.43hr
14218UNCHAHAR EXP20.4823.4002.52hr
from Anand Vihar Terminal to Aligarh Jn
12816NANDAN KANAN EX06.3008.1301.43hr
12876NEELACHAL EXP06.3008.1301.43hr
12506NORTH EAST EXP06.4508.2601.41hr
12488SEEMANCHAL EXP07.3009.1901.49hr
15026ANVT MAU EXP12.5514.4101.46hr
22858ANVT SRC SF EXP13.4515.3201.47hr
14006LICHCHAVI EXP15.1017.1002.00hr
12570JYG GARIB RATH16.5518.2101.26hr
22406ANVT BGP G RATH16.5518.2101.26hr
14152ANVT CNB EXP19.4521.5702.12hr
12428ANVT REWA EXP21.1522.5701.42hr
22428ANVT BUI SF EXP23.5501.4801.53hr
from New Delhi to Aligarh Jn
64167PWL ALJN EMU05.4009.5504.15hr
12004LJN SWRAN SHTBD06.1007.5001.40hr
12398MAHABODHI EXP12.1013.5101.41hr
12420GOMTI EXPRESS12.2514.5002.25hr
12304POORVA EXPRESS17.3519.1201.37hr
12382POORVA EXPRESS17.3519.1201.37hr
64110NDLS ALJN EMU17.4020.4503.05hr
64114NDLS ALJN EMU18.0521.0503.00hr
12554VAISHALI EXP19.5022.0502.15hr
12402MAGADH EXPRESS20.0022.1502.15hr
12562SWATANTRTA S EXP20.4022.3201.52hr
12418PRAYAG RAJ EXP21.2023.1901.59hr
from Delhi to Aligarh Jn
15484MAHANANDA EXP06.3509.0002.25hr
64152DLI ALJN EMU08.5012.0003.10hr
64584DLI TDL MEMU12.5516.2303.28hr
64582DLI HRF MEMU17.4520.4903.04hr
64102DLI ALJN EMU18.1521.2003.05hr
12226KAIFIYAT EXP19.1521.4702.32hr
13414FARKKA EXPRESS21.4023.5202.12hr
13484FARAKKA EXPRESS21.4023.5202.12hr
14724KALINDI EXPRESS21.5000.1002.20hr
14056BRAHMPUTRA MAIL23.4001.3801.58hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Subzi Mandi and Aligarh Jn?
    There are 39 trains beween Subzi Mandi and Aligarh Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Subzi Mandi?
    The first train from Subzi Mandi to Aligarh Jn is JAT SBP EXP (18310) departs at 04.10 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Subzi Mandi?
    The first train from Subzi Mandi to Aligarh Jn is Anand Vihar Terminal Ballia SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22428) departs at 23.55 and train runs on Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Aligarh Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Subzi Mandi to Aligarh Jn is Anand Vihar Terminal Jaynagar GARIB RATH (12570) departs at 16.55 and train runs on Tu Sa. It covers the distance of 119km in 01.26 hrs.