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Sullurupeta (SPE) to Korukkupet (KOK) Trains

from Sullurupeta
12604CHENNAI EXP04.10Chennai Central05.5501.45hr
17644CIRCAR EXP04.25Chengalpattu Jn08.2003.55hr
42402SPE MAS LOCAL05.45Korukkupet07.2401.39hr
12760CHARMINAR EXP06.25Chennai Central08.1501.50hr
42404SPM MAS LOCAL06.40Korukkupet08.1901.39hr
12830BBS CHENNAI EXP06.50Chennai Central08.5502.05hr
22801VSKP MAS SF EXP07.23Chennai Central09.3002.07hr
42852SPE VLCY LOCAL07.25Korukkupet09.0501.40hr
16863BGKT MQ EXPRESS07.45Chennai Egmore09.5502.10hr
22632ANUVRAT EXP07.45Chennai Central10.1002.25hr
16032ANDAMAN EXPRESS08.30Chennai Central10.2001.50hr
16094LJN MAS EXP08.30Chennai Central10.2001.50hr
57240BTTR MAS PASS08.35Korukkupet11.0402.29hr
42406SPE MAS LOCAL10.00Korukkupet11.3301.33hr
42408SPE MAS LOCAL11.15Korukkupet12.5501.40hr
12711PINAKINI EXP11.20Chennai Central13.0001.40hr
66026SPE MAS LOCAL12.00Korukkupet13.3401.34hr
22859PURI CHENNAI EXP13.05Chennai Central14.5501.50hr
42412SPE MAS LOCAL13.15Korukkupet14.5801.43hr
22825SHM MAS SF EXP13.35Chennai Central15.3502.00hr
12655NAVJEEVAN EXP14.25Chennai Central16.0501.40hr
42414SPE MAS LOCAL15.10Korukkupet16.5801.48hr
42854SPE VLCY LOCAL17.15Korukkupet18.5201.37hr
42416SPE MAS LOCAL18.10Korukkupet20.0201.52hr
66036SPE MAS MEMU18.35Korukkupet20.1201.37hr
66028SPE MAS LOCAL19.55Korukkupet21.3301.38hr
42420SPE MAS LOCAL20.30Korukkupet22.0301.33hr
22841SRC MAS ANTYODAYA EXPRESS20.40Chennai Central22.4502.05hr
22807SRC MAS AC EXP20.40Chennai Central22.4502.05hr
12376ASN MAS EXPRESS20.45Chennai Central22.4502.00hr
12078JAN SHATABDI20.50Chennai Central22.3501.45hr
42422SPE MAS LOCAL21.40Korukkupet23.1801.38hr
13351DHN ALAPPUZHA E23.30Chennai Central01.3502.05hr
18189TATA ALLP EXP23.30Chennai Central01.3502.05hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sullurupeta and Korukkupet?
    There are 34 trains beween Sullurupeta and Korukkupet.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sullurupeta?
    The first train from Sullurupeta to Korukkupet is Hyderabad Decan Chennai Central CHENNAI EXPRESS (12604) departs at 04.10 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sullurupeta?
    The first train from Sullurupeta to Korukkupet is Tatanagar Jn Alleppey EXPRESS (18189) departs at 23.30 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Korukkupet and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sullurupeta to Korukkupet is Sullurupeta Chennai Central LOCAL (42406) departs at 10.00 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 78km in 01.33 hrs.