from Surendranagar Gate to Songadh
59208BHAVNAGAR PASS01.4004.3102.51hr
59229DHG BVC PASS05.0507.4202.37hr
12971BHAVNAGAR EXP07.3209.3101.59hr
59233SUNR BVC PASS09.4012.4603.06hr
19580DEE RJT EXP09.4112.4603.05hr
59271SUNR BVC F PASS13.4016.5203.12hr
59203SUNR BVC PASS17.1019.5602.46hr
from Joravarnagar to Songadh
22935BDTS PIT SF EXP02.2604.1401.48hr
22963BDTS BVC SF EXP02.2604.1401.48hr
12942PARASNATH EXP07.5409.5402.00hr
12945MAHUVA EXPRESS11.3816.5205.14hr

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