from Talcher Road to Nagpur
18407PURI SNSI EXP02.2319.4017.17hr
18421PURI AJMER EXP02.2317.5015.27hr
12880BBS LTT SF EXP09.2300.1014.47hr
22866PURI LTT SF EXP09.2300.0514.42hr
20813PURI JU EXPRESS19.2610.5515.29hr
12994PURI GIMB EXP23.0314.3515.32hr
22827PURI SURAT EXP23.0314.3515.32hr
from Talcher to Nagpur
12146PURI LTT SUP EXP01.3517.5016.15hr
18405PURI ADI EXP21.5514.3516.40hr

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