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Tenali Jn (TEL) to Krishna Canal (KCC) Trains

from Tenali Jn
12759CHARMINAR EXP00.05Vijayawada Jn01.1001.05hr
17643CIRCAR EXP00.35Vijayawada Jn02.2501.50hr
07942TPTY CCT SPL00.40Vijayawada Jn01.2000.40hr
12615GRAND TRUNK EXP00.45Vijayawada Jn01.5501.10hr
17246DMM MTM NS EXP01.02Vijayawada Jn02.1001.08hr
16864MQ BGKT EXP02.00Vijayawada Jn03.2001.20hr
17487TIRUMALA EXP02.18Vijayawada Jn03.1500.57hr
12829BHUBANESWAR EXP02.35Vijayawada Jn03.5501.20hr
22802MAS VSKP EXP02.35Vijayawada Jn04.5002.15hr
22708VSKP DOUBLE DECK02.55Vijayawada Jn04.5001.55hr
22646AHILYANAGARI EX04.55Vijayawada Jn06.0501.10hr
22648KORBA EXPRESS04.55Vijayawada Jn06.0501.10hr
12840HOWRAH MAIL05.16Vijayawada Jn06.2001.04hr
13352DHANBAD EXPRESS05.56Vijayawada Jn07.1001.14hr
18190ALLP LINK EXP05.56Vijayawada Jn07.1001.14hr
67253TEL BZA MEMU06.10Krishna Canal06.4300.33hr
82612PDY SRC SUVIDHA06.12Vijayawada Jn07.0000.48hr
06010PDY SRC EXPRESS06.12Vijayawada Jn07.0000.48hr
06579YPR VSKP EXP06.58Vijayawada Jn07.5500.57hr
57241BTTR BZA PASS08.05Krishna Canal08.4400.39hr
12864YPR HOWRAH EXP08.15Vijayawada Jn09.2501.10hr
57257KAKINADA PSGR10.20Krishna Canal11.0400.44hr
57277GDR BZA PASS10.46Krishna Canal11.5501.09hr
17405KRISHNA EXPRESS11.50Vijayawada Jn13.1001.20hr
16031ANDAMAN EXPRESS12.20Vijayawada Jn14.4002.20hr
16093LUCKNOW EXP12.20Vijayawada Jn14.4002.20hr
12806JANMABHOOMI EXP12.45Vijayawada Jn13.2000.35hr
12077JAN SHATABDI13.10Vijayawada Jn14.4501.35hr
12659GURUDEV EXPRESS15.06Vijayawada Jn16.0500.59hr
16317HIMSAGAR EXP15.06Vijayawada Jn16.1001.04hr
16687NAVYUG EXP15.06Vijayawada Jn16.1001.04hr
16787TEN JAMMU EXP15.06Vijayawada Jn16.1001.04hr
12656NAVAJIVAN EXP15.24Vijayawada Jn16.3001.06hr
67260OGL BZA MEMU16.53Krishna Canal17.3000.37hr
17480TPTY PURI EXP17.10Vijayawada Jn18.3001.20hr
17482TPTY BSP EXP17.10Vijayawada Jn18.2001.10hr
77286TEL BZA DEMU18.00Krishna Canal18.3900.39hr
18568QLN VSKP EXP18.05Vijayawada Jn19.0501.00hr
15119RMM MUV EXPRESS18.58Vijayawada Jn20.0501.07hr
16359ERS PATNA EXP18.58Vijayawada Jn20.0501.07hr
12712PINAKINI EXP19.52Vijayawada Jn21.1001.18hr
12375MAS ASN EXPRESS20.13Vijayawada Jn21.1501.02hr
67297OGL BZA MEMU20.40Krishna Canal21.1400.34hr
07608TPTY NED EXP20.57Vijayawada Jn22.0001.03hr
08574TPTY VSKP SPL21.22Vijayawada Jn23.1001.48hr
12709SIMHAPURI EXP22.05Vijayawada Jn23.2001.15hr
12763PADMAVATHI EXP22.08Vijayawada Jn23.3001.22hr
07146TPTY KCG SPL22.08Vijayawada Jn23.3001.22hr
22860MAS PURI EXPRESS22.28Vijayawada Jn23.3001.02hr
17209SESHADRI EXPRES23.30Vijayawada Jn00.5001.20hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tenali Jn and Krishna Canal?
    There are 50 trains beween Tenali Jn and Krishna Canal.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tenali Jn?
    The first train from Tenali Jn to Krishna Canal is Chennai Central Hyderabad Decan CHARMINAR EXPRESS (12759) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tenali Jn?
    The first train from Tenali Jn to Krishna Canal is Ksr Bengaluru Kakinada Town SESHADRI EXPRESS (17209) departs at 23.30 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Krishna Canal and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tenali Jn to Krishna Canal is Tenali Jn Vijayawada Jn MEMU (67253) departs at 06.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 26km in 00.33 hrs.