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Thane (TNA) to Igatpuri (IGP) Trains

from Thane to Igatpuri
11057CSMT ASR EXPRES00.1002.1502.05hr
11093MAHANAGARI EXP00.5003.0002.10hr
11067SAKET EXPRESS05.4007.5002.10hr
12165LTT BSB SUP EXP05.4007.5302.13hr
22129TULSI EXPRESS05.4007.5302.13hr
51153CSTM BSL PASS06.0009.3503.35hr
17617TAPOVAN EXPRESS06.5008.5002.00hr
15017GORAKHPUR EXP07.0009.0502.05hr
12519LTT KYQ AC EXP08.1010.1302.03hr
11061DARBHANGA EXP12.3514.4002.05hr
11071KAMAYANI EXPRESS13.0015.0802.08hr
12117LTT MANMAD EXP15.2017.2802.08hr
12139SEVAGRAM EXP15.3517.4802.13hr
12153HABIBGANJ EXP16.4518.4802.03hr
12161LASHKAR EXPRESS16.4518.4802.03hr
11201LTT AJNI EXPRESS17.0019.5002.50hr
11401NANDIGRAM EXP17.1019.0501.55hr
12105VIDARBHA EXPRESS19.4521.4301.58hr
12111CSMT AMI EXPRESS20.3622.4502.09hr
12809HOWRAH MAIL21.1023.2002.10hr
17057DEVAGIRI EXP21.4523.4502.00hr
22147DR SNSI SUP FAST22.0500.0502.00hr
12131DR SAINAGAR EXP22.0500.0502.00hr
18029LTT SHALIMAR EX22.2500.3302.08hr
11015KUSHINAGAR EXP23.0501.1802.13hr
from Panvel to Igatpuri
12741VSG PATNA EXP06.2509.2503.00hr
12617MANGALA LDWEEP12.5515.5002.55hr
11026PUNE BSL EXP14.2017.1502.55hr
02197CBE JBP EXPRESS20.5500.0503.10hr
from C Shivaji Maharaj T to Igatpuri
12859GITANJALI EXP06.0008.4302.43hr
12869CSMT HOWRAH EXP11.0513.5302.48hr
12188JBP GARIB RATH13.3016.0002.30hr
12261HOWRAH DURONTO17.1519.2502.10hr
12109PANCHAVATI EXP18.1520.4502.30hr
22101RAJYA RANI EXP18.4521.1502.30hr
12137PUNJAB MAIL19.3522.2002.45hr
12289CSMT NGP DURONTO20.1522.2502.10hr
12322KOLKATA MAIL21.3000.1802.48hr
from Lokmanyatilak to Igatpuri
12167LTT BSB SUP EXP00.3503.1302.38hr
12336BHAGALPUR EXP08.0510.2502.20hr
14313BAREILLY EXP08.0510.2502.20hr
15645GUWAHATI EXPRES08.0510.2502.20hr
15647GUWAHATI EXPRES08.0510.2502.20hr
12542LTT GKP SUP EXP11.1013.3802.28hr
22885ANTYODAYA EXP13.2015.3002.10hr
18610RANCHI EXPRESS15.5018.1502.25hr
11205LTT NZB EXPRESS16.4019.5003.10hr
12293ALD DURONTO EXP17.2519.2802.03hr
12145LTT PURI SUP EX20.3522.5802.23hr
12151SAMARSATA EXP20.3522.5502.20hr
13202LTT RJPB EXP22.1500.4502.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Thane and Igatpuri?
    There are 51 trains beween Thane and Igatpuri.
  2. When does the first train leave from Thane?
    The first train from Thane to Igatpuri is Mumbai Cst Amritsar Jn AMRITSAR EXPRESS (11057) departs at 00.10 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Thane?
    The first train from Thane to Igatpuri is LOKMANYATILAK GORAKHPUR KUSHINAGAR EXPRESS (11015) departs at 23.05 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Igatpuri and its timing?
    The fastest train from Thane to Igatpuri is MUMBAI CST NAGPUR NANDIGRAM EXPRESS (11401) departs at 17.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 103km in 01.55 hrs.