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Tiruninravur (TI) to Annanur (ANNR) Trains

from Tiruninravur to Annanur
43202TRL MAS LOCAL04.0504.2100.16hr
43402AJJ MAS LOCAL04.3504.5100.16hr
43932AJJ VLCY LOCAL04.5005.0600.16hr
43404AJJ MAS LOCAL05.3005.4600.16hr
43852TRL PON LOCAL05.3505.5300.18hr
43204TRL MAS LOCAL05.4506.0100.16hr
43406AJJ MAS LOCAL05.5506.1100.16hr
43206TRL MAS LOCAL06.1006.2600.16hr
43902KBT MAS LOCAL06.3306.4900.16hr
43502TRT MAS LOCAL06.5007.0800.18hr
43208TRL MAS LOCAL07.0007.1600.16hr
43210TRL MAS LOCAL07.3007.4800.18hr
43504TRT MAS LOCAL07.4007.5600.16hr
43934AJJ VLCY LADIES SPL07.4508.0600.21hr
43212TRL MAS LOCAL08.0008.1600.16hr
66022AJJ MAS MEMU08.1008.2600.16hr
43882TI MAS LOCAL08.2008.3600.16hr
43214TRL MAS LOCAL08.2508.4100.16hr
43218TRL MAS LOCAL08.4509.0100.16hr
43412AJJ MAS LOCAL09.0009.1600.16hr
43220TRL MAS LOCAL09.2509.4100.16hr
43414AJJ MAS LOCAL09.4510.0300.18hr
43942TRT VLCY LOCAL10.0510.2100.16hr
43224TRL MAS LOCAL10.2010.4000.20hr
43506TRT MAS LOCAL10.5011.1100.21hr
43226TRL MAS LOCAL11.0511.2100.16hr
43762TRL VLCY LOCAL11.2011.3600.16hr
43228TRL MAS LOCAL11.4011.5600.16hr
66008AJJ MAS LOCAL11.5012.0600.16hr
43230TRL MAS LOCAL12.1512.3100.16hr
43952KBT VLCY LOCAL12.3012.4600.16hr
TM2TRL MAS LOCAL SPL12.3512.5100.16hr
43418AJJ MAS LOCAL12.5013.0600.16hr
43232TRL MAS LOCAL13.2013.3600.16hr
AB2AJJ MSB LOCAL SPL13.5014.1100.21hr
43764TRL VLCY LOCAL13.5514.1100.16hr
43904KBT MAS LOCAL14.0514.2100.16hr
43508TRT MAS LOCAL14.2014.3600.16hr
43420AJJ MAS LOCAL14.4014.5600.16hr
43234TRL MAS LOCAL14.5515.1100.16hr
43236TRL MAS LOCAL15.2515.4100.16hr
43510TRT MAS LOCAL15.4516.0100.16hr
43238TRL MAS LOCAL15.5516.1100.16hr
43240TRL MAS LOCAL16.1516.3100.16hr
43422AJJ MAS LOCAL16.3016.4900.19hr
43512TRT MAS LOCAL16.5517.1100.16hr
43242TRL MAS LOCAL17.0017.1600.16hr
43938AJJ VLCY LOCAL17.0517.2600.21hr
43244TRL MAS LOCAL17.1517.3100.16hr
43246TRL MAS LOCAL17.3517.5600.21hr
43424AJJ MAS LOCAL17.4518.0300.18hr
43514TRT MAS LOCAL18.0518.2100.16hr
43766TRL VLCY LOCAL18.1018.2600.16hr
43248TRL MAS LOCAL18.2518.4100.16hr
43768TRL VLCY LOCAL18.3518.5100.16hr
66012TRL MAS LOCAL18.4519.0100.16hr
43426AJJ MAS LOCAL19.0019.1600.16hr
43250TRL MAS LOCAL19.1019.2600.16hr
43516TRT MAS LOCAL19.1519.3300.18hr
66040AJJ MAS MEMU19.2819.4300.15hr
43428AJJ MAS LOCAL19.4520.0100.16hr
43252TRL MAS LOCAL19.5020.0600.16hr
43770TRL VLCY LOCAL20.0020.1600.16hr
43254TRL MAS LOCAL20.1520.3100.16hr
43430AJJ MAS LOCAL20.2020.3600.16hr
43256TRL MAS LOCAL20.4521.0100.16hr
66010AJJ MAS LOCAL20.5021.0600.16hr
43258TRL MAS LOCAL21.0521.2100.16hr
43434AJJ MAS LOCAL21.1521.3100.16hr
43518TRT MAS LOCAL21.3021.4600.16hr
43260TRL MAS LOCAL22.1022.2600.16hr
43436AJJ MAS LOCAL22.1522.3100.16hr
43438AJJ MAS LOCAL22.3522.5100.16hr
43520TRT MAS LOCAL22.5523.1100.16hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tiruninravur and Annanur?
    There are 74 trains beween Tiruninravur and Annanur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tiruninravur?
    The first train from Tiruninravur to Annanur is Tiruvallur Chennai Central LOCAL (43202) departs at 04.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tiruninravur?
    The first train from Tiruninravur to Annanur is Tiruttani Chennai Central LOCAL (43520) departs at 22.55 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Annanur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tiruninravur to Annanur is AJJ MAS MEMU (66040) departs at 19.28 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 11km in 00.15 hrs.