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Tiruninravur (TI) to Kadambattur (KBT) Trains

from Tiruninravur to Kadambattur
43801MSB AJJ LOCAL02.2102.4500.24hr
43501MAS TRT LOCAL04.5305.1700.24hr
43803MSB AJJ LOCAL05.2105.4500.24hr
43401MAS AJJ FAST06.0206.2200.20hr
43847AVD TRT LOCAL06.3807.0200.24hr
43403MAS AJJ LOCAL06.5307.1700.24hr
43405MAS AJJ LOCAL07.3808.0200.24hr
43503MAS TRT LOCAL07.5808.2200.24hr
66015MAS AJJ MEMU08.1308.3700.24hr
43407MAS AJJ LOCAL09.1309.3700.24hr
43409MAS AJJ LOCAL10.0310.2700.24hr
66047MAS TPTY FAST PASS10.2510.4200.17hr
43505MAS TRT LOCAL10.5311.1700.24hr
43901MAS KBT LOCAL11.2311.5500.32hr
BA1MSB AJJ LOCAL SPL11.3111.5500.24hr
43411MAS AJJ LOCAL11.5712.2200.25hr
43507MAS TRT LOCAL12.3813.0200.24hr
43903MAS KBT LOCAL12.5313.2500.32hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL13.0913.3900.30hr
43413MAS AJJ LOCAL13.4314.0700.24hr
43415MAS AJJ LOCAL14.3314.5700.24hr
43509MAS TRT LOCAL15.1315.3700.24hr
43931VLCY AJJ LOCAL15.2715.5200.25hr
43511MAS TRT LOCAL16.2316.4700.24hr
66011MAS AJJ LOCAL16.4317.0700.24hr
43419MAS AJJ LOCAL16.5317.1700.24hr
43421MAS AJJ LOCAL17.3818.0200.24hr
43423MAS AJJ LOCAL18.0818.3200.24hr
66013MAS AJJ FAST18.2018.3700.17hr
43513MAS TRT LOCAL18.3318.5700.24hr
66017MSB VLR MEMU FAST18.4019.0300.23hr
43427MAS AJJ LOCAL18.5819.2200.24hr
43933VLCY AJJ LADIES LOCAL19.0419.2800.24hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST19.0719.2600.19hr
43429MAS AJJ LOCAL19.3319.5900.26hr
66021MAS AJJ FAST19.4220.0000.18hr
43515MAS TRT LOCAL19.5320.1900.26hr
43431MAS AJJ FAST20.0020.1800.18hr
43433MAS AJJ LOCAL20.3821.0200.24hr
43435MAS AJJ FAST20.4020.5500.15hr
43517MAS TRT LOCAL21.1321.3700.24hr
43437MAS AJJ LOCAL22.0822.3200.24hr
43439MAS AJJ LOCAL23.0823.3200.24hr
66009MAS AJJ LOCAL23.3800.0000.22hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tiruninravur and Kadambattur?
    There are 44 trains beween Tiruninravur and Kadambattur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tiruninravur?
    The first train from Tiruninravur to Kadambattur is Chennai Beach Jn Arakkonam LOCAL (43801) departs at 02.21 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tiruninravur?
    The first train from Tiruninravur to Kadambattur is Chennai Central Arakkonam LOCAL (66009) departs at 23.38 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kadambattur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tiruninravur to Kadambattur is Chennai Central Arakkonam FAST (43435) departs at 20.40 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 18km in 00.15 hrs.