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Tirupati (TPTY) to Secunderabad Jn (SC) Trains

from Tirupati
17229SABARI EXPRESS00.35Secunderabad Jn12.1511.40hr
16354KACHEGUDA EXP01.10Kacheguda14.0012.50hr
07116HYDERABAD EXP02.20Secunderabad Jn13.2011.00hr
17405KRISHNA EXPRESS05.25Secunderabad Jn20.4015.15hr
12707A P SMPRK KRNTI05.40Kacheguda17.0511.25hr
17417TPTY SNSI EXP07.00Secunderabad Jn21.0014.00hr
07417TPTY NSL SPL07.30Secunderabad Jn20.1512.45hr
07118ERS HYB EXPRESS09.35Secunderabad Jn22.2012.45hr
16733RMM OKHA EXPRES11.20Kacheguda23.4012.20hr
12769SEVEN HILLS EXP15.10Secunderabad Jn04.0512.55hr
12765TPTY AMI SUP EXP15.10Kacheguda03.5012.40hr
07608TPTY NED EXP15.45Secunderabad Jn04.3012.45hr
12793RAYALASEEMA EXP16.25Secunderabad Jn05.1512.50hr
12731TPTY SC EXP16.40Secunderabad Jn07.0514.25hr
12763PADMAVATHI EXP17.00Secunderabad Jn05.5512.55hr
07430TPTY HYB SPL17.00Secunderabad Jn05.5512.55hr
07146TPTY KCG SPL17.00Kacheguda06.3013.30hr
22705JAT HUMSAFAR SF17.25Secunderabad Jn07.1013.45hr
12733NARAYANADRI EXP18.25Secunderabad Jn06.2512.00hr
12798VENKATADRI EXP18.35Kacheguda06.2011.45hr
from Renigunta Jn
16003MAS NSL EXPRESS11.35Kacheguda23.2511.50hr
17605MAQ KCG EXPRESS11.50Kacheguda23.5012.00hr
17651KACHEGUDA EXP20.10Kacheguda07.5511.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tirupati and Secunderabad Jn?
    There are 23 trains beween Tirupati and Secunderabad Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tirupati?
    The first train from Tirupati to Secunderabad Jn is THIRUVANANTHAPURAM CENTRAL HYDERABAD DECAN SABARI EXPRESS (17229) departs at 00.35 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tirupati?
    The first train from Tirupati to Secunderabad Jn is CHENGALPATTU JN KACHEGUDA KACHEGUDA EXPRESS (17651) departs at 20.10 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Secunderabad Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tirupati to Secunderabad Jn is Kochuveli Hyderabad Decan HYDERABAD EXPRESS (07116) departs at 02.20 and train runs on Tu. It covers the distance of 661km in 11.00 hrs.