from Tirupati to Villupuram Jn
12867HWH PDY EXP01.2007.2006.00hr
56041TPTY PDY PASS04.2512.4508.20hr
17407PAMANI EXPRESS10.4016.3005.50hr
16779TPTY RMM EXP13.0019.3006.30hr
56885TPTY VM PASS13.5021.0007.10hr
17413TPTY PDY EXPRESS21.2002.5505.35hr
from Renigunta Jn to Villupuram Jn
11017LTT KARAIKAL EXP08.0013.4005.40hr
16351NAGARCOIL EXP09.5014.4004.50hr
22605PRR VM EXPRESS14.2021.2007.00hr
22603KGP VM SF EXP14.2021.2007.00hr
11043MADURAI EXPRESS22.0002.3004.30hr

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