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Tirusulam (TLM) to Vandalur (VDR) Trains

from Tirusulam to Vandalur
40501MSB CGL LOCAL04.3204.5700.25hr
40601MSB CGL LOCAL04.3204.5700.25hr
40503MSB CGL LOCAL05.1705.4200.25hr
40603MSB CGL LOCAL05.1705.4200.25hr
40505MSB CGL LOCAL05.3706.0200.25hr
40605MSB CGL LOCAL05.3706.0200.25hr
40507MSB CGL LOCAL05.5706.2200.25hr
40607MSB CGL LOCAL05.5706.2200.25hr
40801MSB CJ FAST06.1706.4200.25hr
40509MSB CGL LOCAL06.3206.5700.25hr
40609MSB CGL LOCAL06.3206.5700.25hr
40511MSB CGL LOCAL06.4707.1200.25hr
40513MSB CGL LOCAL07.0707.3200.25hr
40613MSB CGL LOCAL07.0707.3200.25hr
40515MSB CGL LOCAL07.2207.4700.25hr
40615MSB CGL LOCAL07.2207.4700.25hr
40517MSB CGL LOCAL07.3207.5700.25hr
40701MSB TMLP LOCAL07.4208.0700.25hr
40751MSB TMLP LOCAL07.4208.0700.25hr
40519MSB CGL LOCAL08.1508.4200.27hr
40617MSB CGL LOCAL08.1508.4700.32hr
66043MSB MLMR MEMU09.0209.2700.25hr
40523MSB CGL LOCAL09.3309.5800.25hr
40619MSB CGL LOCAL09.3710.0200.25hr
40621MSB CGL LOCAL10.1210.4000.28hr
40525MSB CGL LOCAL10.1510.4100.26hr
66041MSB TMLP LOCAL10.2710.5600.29hr
40527MSB CGL LOCAL10.5111.1700.26hr
40623MSB CGL LOCAL10.5211.1700.25hr
40625MSB CGL LOCAL11.3712.0400.27hr
40529MSB CGL LOCAL11.3912.0400.25hr
BC1MSB CGL LOCAL SPL11.5212.2200.30hr
40531MSB CGL LOCAL12.3212.5700.25hr
40627MSB CGL LOCAL12.3713.0200.25hr
40533MSB CGL LOCAL13.0713.3200.25hr
40629MSB CGL LOCAL13.0713.3200.25hr
40535MSB CGL LOCAL13.4614.1200.26hr
40631MSB CGL LOCAL13.5214.1700.25hr
40755MSB TMLP LOCAL14.0714.3800.31hr
40705MSB TMLP LOCAL14.1214.3800.26hr
40633MSB CGL LOCAL14.2214.4900.27hr
40539MSB CGL LOCAL14.2414.4900.25hr
40541MSB CGL LOCAL14.5015.2000.30hr
40635MSB CGL LOCAL14.5215.1700.25hr
40637MSB CGL LOCAL15.2215.4900.27hr
40543MSB CGL LOCAL15.2415.4900.25hr
BC3MSB CGL LOCAL SPL15.4516.1200.27hr
40803MSB CJ FAST16.0216.2700.25hr
40545MSB CGL LOCAL16.1216.3700.25hr
40639MSB CGL LOCAL16.1716.4200.25hr
40641MSB CGL LOCAL16.4717.1700.30hr
40547MSB CGL LOCAL16.5217.1700.25hr
40549MSB CGL LOCAL17.0917.3400.25hr
40551MSB CGL LOCAL17.2717.5700.30hr
40643MSB CGL LOCAL17.2717.5700.30hr
40553MSB CGL LOCAL17.5718.2300.26hr
40645MSB CGL LOCAL17.5718.2300.26hr
40555MSB CGL LOCAL18.1518.4000.25hr
40647MSB CGL LOCAL18.1718.4200.25hr
40557MSB CGL LOCAL18.4419.1200.28hr
40649MSB CGL LOCAL18.4719.1200.25hr
40651MSB CGL LOCAL19.0719.3200.25hr
40561MSB CGL LOCAL19.1719.4200.25hr
40653MSB CGL LOCAL19.2719.5200.25hr
40709MSB TMLP LOCAL19.4620.1500.29hr
40759MSB TMLP LOCAL19.4720.1200.25hr
40563MSB CGL LOCAL20.0920.3700.28hr
40655MSB CGL LOCAL20.1720.4200.25hr
40565MSB CGL LOCAL20.3321.0300.30hr
40657MSB CGL LOCAL20.4721.1200.25hr
40761MSB TMLP LOCAL20.5721.2200.25hr
40567MSB CGL LOCAL21.2921.5400.25hr
40659MSB CGL LOCAL21.2921.5400.25hr
40569MSB CGL LOCAL21.5722.2200.25hr
40661MSB CGL LOCAL22.0722.3200.25hr
40663MSB CGL LOCAL22.2222.4700.25hr
40571MSB CGL LOCAL22.2222.4700.25hr
40573MSB CGL LOCAL23.2223.4700.25hr
40665MSB CGL LOCAL23.2723.5200.25hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tirusulam and Vandalur?
    There are 79 trains beween Tirusulam and Vandalur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tirusulam?
    The first train from Tirusulam to Vandalur is Chennai Beach Jn Chengalpattu Jn LOCAL (40501) departs at 04.32 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tirusulam?
    The first train from Tirusulam to Vandalur is Chennai Beach Jn Chengalpattu Jn LOCAL (40665) departs at 23.27 and train runs on Su.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Vandalur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tirusulam to Vandalur is Chennai Beach Jn Chengalpattu Jn LOCAL (40501) departs at 04.32 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa. It covers the distance of 13km in 00.25 hrs.