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Titvala (TLA) to Matunga (MTN) Trains

from Titvala to Matunga
96602TLA CSTM LOCAL04.0105.2001.19hr
96604TLA CSTM LOCAL04.3205.5101.19hr
96606TLA CSTM LOCAL05.0506.2401.19hr
96402KSRA CSTM LOCAL05.2206.4201.20hr
96608TLA CSTM LOCAL05.3506.5601.21hr
96404KSRA CSTM LOCAL05.5707.1601.19hr
96610TLA CSTM LOCAL06.1307.3201.19hr
96502ASO CSTM LOCAL06.3407.5701.23hr
96612TLA CSTM LOCAL06.4608.0501.19hr
96504ASO CSTM LOCAL07.3108.5101.20hr
96614TLA CSTM LOCAL07.5209.1301.21hr
96616TLA DR LOCAL08.1009.3201.22hr
96618TLA CSTM LOCAL08.3309.5401.21hr
96508ASO CSTM LOCAL09.4111.0001.19hr
96510ASO CSTM LOCAL10.2311.3901.16hr
96622TLA CSTM LOCAL10.5412.1501.21hr
96624TLA CSTM LOCAL11.1812.4201.24hr
96512ASO CSTM LOCAL11.3813.0201.24hr
96626TLA CSTM LOCAL11.5413.1801.24hr
96628TLA CSTM LOCAL12.2113.3901.18hr
96630TLA CSTM LOCAL12.4514.0501.20hr
96632TLA CSTM LOCAL13.0114.1901.18hr
96634TLA CSTM LOCAL13.2014.4001.20hr
96636TLA CSTM LOCAL13.5115.1201.21hr
96638TLA CSTM LOCAL14.4416.0401.20hr
96640TLA CSTM LOCAL15.0516.2401.19hr
96642TLA CSTM LOCAL15.3516.5601.21hr
96516ASO CSTM LOCAL18.3719.5801.21hr
96646TLA CSTM LOCAL19.4721.1101.24hr
96518ASO CSTM LOCAL20.0521.2701.22hr
96648TLA CSTM LOCAL20.2121.4001.19hr
96650TLA CSTM LOCAL20.3722.0201.25hr
96652TLA CSTM LOCAL21.0022.1901.19hr
96654TLA CSTM LOCAL21.2422.4301.19hr
96656TLA CSTM LOCAL22.0623.2601.20hr
96520ASO CSTM LOCAL22.3323.5601.23hr
96406KSRA CSTM LOCAL23.0200.2301.21hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Titvala and Matunga?
    There are 37 trains beween Titvala and Matunga.
  2. When does the first train leave from Titvala?
    The first train from Titvala to Matunga is Titvala Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96602) departs at 04.01 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Titvala?
    The first train from Titvala to Matunga is Kasara Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96406) departs at 23.02 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Matunga and its timing?
    The fastest train from Titvala to Matunga is Asangaon Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96510) departs at 10.23 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 56km in 01.16 hrs.