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Tugalakabad (TKD) to Shivaji Bridge (CSB) Trains

from Tugalakabad to Shivaji Bridge
64167PWL ALJN EMU04.2705.3901.12hr
64053PWL GZB EMU06.4707.3900.52hr
64011PWL SSB EMU06.5907.2200.23hr
64905MTJ NDLS EMU07.3107.5700.26hr
64075PWL NDLS EMU08.0008.2800.28hr
64903MTJ GZB EMU08.1308.3900.26hr
64071BVH SSB EMU08.3108.5800.27hr
64077PWL NDLS EMU08.3709.0600.29hr
64055PWL GZB EMU09.0510.1401.09hr
64491PWL NDLS EMU09.1409.4000.26hr
64901KSV GZB EMU09.5310.2400.31hr
64057PWL GZB EMU11.3912.0300.24hr
64013PWL SSB EMU13.1713.4100.24hr
51901AGC DLI PASS14.2815.0300.35hr
64015PWL SSB EMU15.3816.0200.24hr
64017PWL SSB EMU16.1816.4100.23hr
64061PWL DLI EMU18.1318.4700.34hr
64073KSV NDLS EMU21.2421.5300.29hr
64019PWL SSB EMU23.1223.3700.25hr
64051PWL GZB EMU23.5700.2100.24hr
from Delhi to Shivaji Bridge
64062DLI PWL EMU05.1505.3900.24hr
51902DLI AGC PASS07.0007.2200.22hr
64434DLI GZB EMU11.1511.4400.29hr
64906GZB PWL EMU17.5018.1900.29hr
54473DLI SRE PASS18.1518.4300.28hr
64418DLI GZB MEMU18.4519.1000.25hr
64064DELHI PALWAL EMU19.4520.1000.25hr
from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Shivaji Bridge
64091NZM HNZM EMU08.0009.3401.34hr
64090NZM HNZM EMU09.1509.2700.12hr
64419NZM GZB EMU15.4515.5500.10hr
64089NZM HNZM EMU16.4518.0901.24hr
64461NZM KKDE MEMU18.1018.2300.13hr
64092NZM HNZM EMU18.5019.0300.13hr
64088NZM NDLS EMU20.3820.4700.09hr
from New Delhi to Shivaji Bridge
64422NDLS GZB EMU00.1000.1400.04hr
64076NDLS PWL EMU00.1500.1900.04hr
64420GZB NZM EMU01.1501.1900.04hr
64074NDLS KSV EMU04.4504.4900.04hr
64472PNP GZB MEMU08.2008.2400.04hr
54002ROK TKJ PASS08.2508.2800.03hr
64078NDLS PWL EMU08.4508.4900.04hr
54012SDLP TKJ PASS08.5208.5800.06hr
64567BSC TKJ MEMU08.5809.0300.05hr
64424NDLS GZB EMU09.1009.1400.04hr
64462KKDE NZM MEMU09.1509.1900.04hr
64428NDLS GZB EMU09.3509.3900.04hr
14086HARYANA EXPRESS09.4509.5000.05hr
64426NDLS GZB EMU09.5009.5400.04hr
64095NDLS SSB EMU09.5009.5400.04hr
64430NDLS GZB EMU11.1511.1900.04hr
64052GZB PWL EMU12.4012.4400.04hr
64432NDLS GZB EMU14.0014.0400.04hr
64902GZB KSV EMU16.0216.0600.04hr
14316INTERCITY EXP16.3516.3800.03hr
64080NDLS PWL EMU17.0017.0400.04hr
64904GZB MTJ EMU17.1017.1400.04hr
64110NDLS ALJN EMU17.4017.4300.03hr
64492NDLS PWL EMU17.5017.5400.04hr
64450NDLS GZB EMU17.5017.5300.03hr
64082NDLS PWL EMU18.0018.0400.04hr
64114NDLS ALJN EMU18.1018.1300.03hr
54411RE MUT PASS18.1518.1900.04hr
64410DLI GZB EMU18.2518.2800.03hr
64534PNP GZB MEMU20.0520.0900.04hr
64168ALJN PWL EMU20.1520.1900.04hr
64084NDLS PWL EMU21.2521.2900.04hr
from Tilak Bridge to Shivaji Bridge
64421GZB NDLS EMU04.3504.3800.03hr
64437GZB DLI EMU06.3306.3600.03hr
64417GZB DLI EMU07.4307.4700.04hr
54474SRE DLI PASS08.0608.1000.04hr
64109DKDE SSB EMU08.2708.3000.03hr
54412MUT RE PASS08.4408.4700.03hr
64439GZB DLI EMU08.5208.5500.03hr
64449GZB NDLS EMU09.0009.0300.03hr
64105ALJN NDLS EMU09.0809.1100.03hr
64411SBB DLI EMU09.2309.2600.03hr
64031GZB SSB EMU09.3109.3400.03hr
14315INTERCITY EXP10.0310.0700.04hr
64423GZB NDLS EMU10.4510.4800.03hr
64425GZB NDLS EMU13.2513.2800.03hr
64427GZB NDLS EMU15.4015.4300.03hr
64429GZB NDLS EMU17.0017.0300.03hr
64431GZB NDLS EMU17.1017.1300.03hr
64433GZB NDLS EMU17.2017.2300.03hr
64471GZB PNP MEMU17.3917.4300.04hr
54011TKJ SDLP PASS17.4517.4800.03hr
64441GZB DLI EMU17.4717.5000.03hr
14085HARYANA EXPRESS18.0018.0400.04hr
64568TKJ BSC MEMU18.1018.1300.03hr
54001TKJ ROK PASS18.3518.3800.03hr
64443GZB DLI EMU19.0019.0300.03hr
64113KRJ SSB EMU21.4021.4300.03hr
64415GZB NDLS EMU23.2723.3000.03hr
from Shakurbasti to Shivaji Bridge
64908SSB BVH MEMU05.5006.3400.44hr
64012SSB PWL EMU10.0510.4400.39hr
64014SSB PWL EMU13.1513.5600.41hr
64016SSB PWL EMU14.3015.1600.46hr
64032SSB GZB EMU15.0015.4300.43hr
64910SSB MTJ EMU18.2019.0100.41hr
64034SSB GZB EMU20.2521.0300.38hr
64036SSB GZB EMU22.5023.3500.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tugalakabad and Shivaji Bridge?
    There are 101 trains beween Tugalakabad and Shivaji Bridge.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tugalakabad?
    The first train from Tugalakabad to Shivaji Bridge is New Delhi Ghaziabad EMU (64422) departs at 00.10 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tugalakabad?
    The first train from Tugalakabad to Shivaji Bridge is Palwal Ghaziabad EMU (64051) departs at 23.57 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Shivaji Bridge and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tugalakabad to Shivaji Bridge is Ghaziabad New Delhi EMU (64421) departs at 04.35 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 2km in 00.03 hrs.