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Valsad (BL) to Ankleshwar Jn (AKV) Trains

from Valsad
22945SAURASHTRA MAIL00.36Bharuch Jn02.1901.43hr
12901GUJARAT MAIL01.05Bharuch Jn03.1902.14hr
16210AJMER EXPRESS01.18Bharuch Jn03.4702.29hr
16508JODHPUR EXPRESS01.18Bharuch Jn03.4702.29hr
16334VERAVAL EXPRESS01.32Ankleshwar Jn03.5802.26hr
16336GANDHIDHAM EXP01.32Ankleshwar Jn03.5802.26hr
16338OKHA EXPRESS01.32Ankleshwar Jn03.5802.26hr
19037AVADH EXPRESS02.00Ankleshwar Jn04.0802.08hr
19039AVADH EXPRESS02.00Ankleshwar Jn04.0802.08hr
11088PUNE VERAVAL EXP02.13Bharuch Jn04.4002.27hr
11090PUNE BGKT EXP02.13Bharuch Jn04.3902.26hr
11092PUNE BHUJ EXP02.13Bharuch Jn04.4002.27hr
11096AHIMSA EXPRESS02.13Bharuch Jn04.4002.27hr
09025BDTS GCT SPL02.20Bharuch Jn04.1401.54hr
19041BDTS GCT EXP02.20Bharuch Jn04.1401.54hr
12927VADODARA EXP02.53Bharuch Jn04.4901.56hr
19019DEHRADUN EXP03.25Ankleshwar Jn05.2401.59hr
19033GUJARAT QUEEN04.05Ankleshwar Jn06.3502.30hr
59441AHMEDABAD PASS04.15Ankleshwar Jn07.5603.41hr
59049BL VG PASS06.05Ankleshwar Jn09.3303.28hr
11101PUNE GWALIOR EXP06.52Bharuch Jn08.5902.07hr
12929BL DAHOD SF EXP07.15Ankleshwar Jn09.1301.58hr
69149VR BH PASS07.25Ankleshwar Jn10.4903.24hr
16614RAJKOT EXPRESS08.40Ankleshwar Jn10.4002.00hr
17018RAJKOT EXPRESS08.40Ankleshwar Jn10.4002.00hr
19201SC PBR EXP08.40Ankleshwar Jn10.4002.00hr
22953GUJARAT EXPRESS09.16Ankleshwar Jn11.0901.53hr
19567VIVEK EXP11.08Bharuch Jn13.0501.57hr
19023FZR JANATA EXP11.47Ankleshwar Jn14.2402.37hr
19015SAURASHTRA EXP12.24Ankleshwar Jn15.1602.52hr
22917HARIDWAR EXP14.35Bharuch Jn16.3101.56hr
12925PASCHIM EXPRESS14.51Bharuch Jn17.0402.13hr
22925UMB KLK LINK EXP14.51Bharuch Jn17.0102.10hr
12911BL HARIDWAR EXP15.40Ankleshwar Jn17.2401.44hr
12933KARNAVATI EXP16.39Bharuch Jn18.2501.46hr
12931ADI DOUBLE DECKR16.54Bharuch Jn18.3901.45hr
22929BHILAD BRC EXP17.03Ankleshwar Jn19.0302.00hr
12989AJMER EXPRESS17.17Bharuch Jn19.0901.52hr
22474BDTS BKN SUP EXP17.17Bharuch Jn19.0801.51hr
22931BDTS JSM EXP17.17Bharuch Jn19.0901.52hr
19115DDR BHUJ EXP17.50Ankleshwar Jn19.5302.03hr
59439AHMADABAD PASS18.00Ankleshwar Jn22.2804.28hr
14708RANAKPUR EXPRES18.15Bharuch Jn20.1502.00hr
12995BDTS AII UDZ EX19.28Bharuch Jn21.2301.55hr
22995BDTS AII LINK EXP19.28Bharuch Jn21.1901.51hr
12953AUG KR RAJ EXP20.05Bharuch Jn21.3201.27hr
19217SAU JANATA EXP20.27Ankleshwar Jn22.4302.16hr
22955KUTCH EXPRESS20.43Ankleshwar Jn22.3501.52hr
12961AVANTIKA EXP22.00Ankleshwar Jn23.4901.49hr
19055BL JODHPUR EXP22.25Bharuch Jn00.2001.55hr
22927LOK SHAKTI EXP23.00Ankleshwar Jn01.0602.06hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Valsad and Ankleshwar Jn?
    There are 51 trains beween Valsad and Ankleshwar Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Valsad?
    The first train from Valsad to Ankleshwar Jn is Mumbai Central Okha SAURASHTRA MAIL (22945) departs at 00.36 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Valsad?
    The first train from Valsad to Ankleshwar Jn is Bandra Terminus Ahmedabad Jn LOK SHAKTI EXPRESS (22927) departs at 23.00 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Ankleshwar Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Valsad to Ankleshwar Jn is Mumbai Central Hazrat Nizamuddin AUG KR RAJDHANI EXPRESS (12953) departs at 20.05 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 128km in 01.27 hrs.