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Vangani (VGI) to Mumbai Central (BCT) Trains

from Vangani
96102KJT CSTM LOCAL02.59C Shivaji Maharaj T05.0002.01hr
96104KJT CSTM LOCAL04.05C Shivaji Maharaj T06.0201.57hr
96106KJT CSTM LOCAL04.56C Shivaji Maharaj T06.5201.56hr
95102KJT CSTM FAST05.11C Shivaji Maharaj T06.4201.31hr
95012KHPI CSTM FAST05.44C Shivaji Maharaj T07.1501.31hr
95104KJT CSTM FAST06.17C Shivaji Maharaj T07.4601.29hr
95106KJT CSTM FAST06.57C Shivaji Maharaj T08.2601.29hr
95002KHPI CSTM FAST07.06C Shivaji Maharaj T08.3701.31hr
95108KJT CSTM FAST07.24C Shivaji Maharaj T08.5401.30hr
95110KJT CSTM FAST07.43C Shivaji Maharaj T09.1201.29hr
95112KJT CSTM FAST08.18C Shivaji Maharaj T09.4801.30hr
95114KJT CSTM FAST08.51C Shivaji Maharaj T10.2001.29hr
95004KHPI CSTM FAST09.30C Shivaji Maharaj T11.0001.30hr
95116KJT CSTM FAST10.09C Shivaji Maharaj T11.4101.32hr
95118KJT CSTM FAST11.09C Shivaji Maharaj T12.3701.28hr
95120KJT CSTM FAST11.43C Shivaji Maharaj T13.1201.29hr
95122KJT CSTM FAST12.25C Shivaji Maharaj T13.5601.31hr
96108KJT TNA LOCAL12.45Thane13.4400.59hr
95124KJT CSTM FAST13.24C Shivaji Maharaj T14.5301.29hr
96110KJT TNA LOCAL13.51Thane14.5201.01hr
95126KJT CSTM FAST14.21C Shivaji Maharaj T15.5201.31hr
95006KHPI CSTM FAST14.38C Shivaji Maharaj T16.1001.32hr
95128KJT CSTM FAST15.51C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2101.30hr
95130KJT CSTM FAST16.35C Shivaji Maharaj T18.0301.28hr
95008KHPI CSTM FAST17.18C Shivaji Maharaj T18.4501.27hr
95132KJT CSTM FAST17.57C Shivaji Maharaj T19.2701.30hr
95134KJT CSTM FAST18.20C Shivaji Maharaj T19.5201.32hr
95010KHPI CSTM FAST18.52C Shivaji Maharaj T20.2201.30hr
95136KJT CSTM FAST19.06C Shivaji Maharaj T20.4101.35hr
95138KJT CSTM FAST20.09C Shivaji Maharaj T21.4001.31hr
95140KJT CSTM FAST21.04C Shivaji Maharaj T22.3501.31hr
95142KJT CSTM FAST21.39C Shivaji Maharaj T23.0601.27hr
96112KJT CSTM LOCAL22.07C Shivaji Maharaj T00.0401.57hr
95144KJT CSTM FAST22.27C Shivaji Maharaj T23.5401.27hr
96020KHPI CSTM LOCAL23.05C Shivaji Maharaj T01.0201.57hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Vangani and Mumbai Central?
    There are 35 trains beween Vangani and Mumbai Central.
  2. When does the first train leave from Vangani?
    The first train from Vangani to Mumbai Central is Karjat Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96102) departs at 02.59 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Vangani?
    The first train from Vangani to Mumbai Central is Khopoli Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96020) departs at 23.05 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mumbai Central and its timing?
    The fastest train from Vangani to Mumbai Central is Karjat Thane LOCAL (96108) departs at 12.45 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 46km in 00.59 hrs.