from Vrindavan to Masani
72172BDB MRJ PASS M G07.2507.3700.12hr
72174BDB MTJ PASS M G09.4009.5200.12hr
72176BDB MTJ PASS M G16.1016.2200.12hr
72178BDB MTJ PASS M G17.4017.5200.12hr
72180BDB MTJ PASS M G20.3020.4200.12hr
from Mathura Jn to Masani
72171MTJ BDB PASS M G06.3506.4800.13hr
72173MTJ BDB PASS M G08.5509.0600.11hr
72175MTJ BDB PASS M G15.2015.3300.13hr
72177MTJ BDB PASS M G16.5517.0600.11hr
72179MTJ BDB PASS M G19.2519.3600.11hr

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