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Vyasarpadi Jeeva (VJM) to Perungudi (PRGD) Trains

from Vyasarpadi Jeeva to Perungudi
43652AVD VLCY LOCAL04.3905.4401.05hr
43654AVD VLCY LOCAL04.5406.0401.10hr
43932AJJ VLCY LOCAL05.3206.3901.07hr
43656AVD VLCY LOCAL06.3407.3401.00hr
43658AVD VLCY LOCAL07.3908.3400.55hr
43660AVD VLCY LOCAL08.0909.0901.00hr
43934AJJ VLCY LADIES SPL08.3209.3901.07hr
43662AVD VLCY LOCAL08.4409.4901.05hr
43664AVD VLCY LOCAL09.1410.1901.05hr
43792PRES VLCY LOCAL09.3410.3901.05hr
43942TRT VLCY LOCAL10.4711.5401.07hr
43762TRL VLCY LOCAL12.0212.5900.57hr
43666AVD VLCY LOCAL12.3913.3901.00hr
43952KBT VLCY LOCAL13.1214.1901.07hr
43764TRL VLCY LOCAL14.3715.3901.02hr
43668AVD VLCY LOCAL15.0916.1901.10hr
43670AVD VLCY LOCAL16.4917.4901.00hr
43672AVD VLCY LOCAL17.0918.0400.55hr
43938AJJ VLCY LOCAL17.5218.4400.52hr
43674AVD VLCY LOCAL18.1919.1901.00hr
43766TRL VLCY LOCAL18.5219.5901.07hr
43768TRL VLCY LOCAL19.1720.3401.17hr
43770TRL VLCY LOCAL20.4221.5401.12hr
43794PRES VLCY LOCAL21.2122.5401.33hr
from Chennai Beach Jn to Perungudi
41001MSB VLCY LOCAL03.5504.2900.34hr
41003MSB VLCY LOCAL04.4005.1400.34hr
41009MSB VLCY LOCAL05.5006.2400.34hr
41501MSB VLCY LOCAL06.0006.3400.34hr
41503MSB VLCY LOCAL06.2006.5400.34hr
41013MSB VLCY LOCAL06.2006.5400.34hr
41505MSB VLCY LOCAL06.4007.1400.34hr
41015MSB VLCY LOCAL06.4007.1400.34hr
41507MSB VLCY LOCAL07.0007.3400.34hr
41017MSB VLCY LOCAL07.1507.4900.34hr
41509MSB VLCY LOCAL07.2007.5400.34hr
41021MSB VLCY LOCAL07.3008.0400.34hr
41511MSB VLCY LOCAL07.4008.1400.34hr
41023MSB VLCY LOCAL07.4508.1900.34hr
41513MSB VLCY LOCAL08.0008.3400.34hr
42752PON VLCY LOCAL08.1008.4400.34hr
41515MSB VLCY LOCAL08.2008.5400.34hr
41029MSB VLCY LOCAL08.2508.5900.34hr
41517MSB VLCY LOCAL08.4009.1400.34hr
41033MSB VLCY LOCAL08.4509.1900.34hr
41035MSB VLCY LOCAL08.5509.2900.34hr
41519MSB VLCY LOCAL09.0009.3400.34hr
41521MSB VLCY LOCAL09.2009.5400.34hr
43936AJJ VLCY FAST09.2509.5900.34hr
41043MSB VLCY LOCAL09.3510.0900.34hr
41523MSB VLCY LOCAL09.4010.1400.34hr
41525MSB VLCY LOCAL09.5010.2400.34hr
42852SPE VLCY LOCAL09.5010.2400.34hr
41527MSB VLCY LOCAL10.0010.3400.34hr
41051MSB VLCY LOCAL10.1510.4900.34hr
41529MSB VLCY LOCAL10.2010.5400.34hr
42652GPD VLCY LOCAL10.3011.0400.34hr
41531MSB VLCY LOCAL10.4011.1400.34hr
41055MSB VLCY LOCAL10.4511.1900.34hr
PS2MSB VLCY LOCAL SPL10.5011.2400.34hr
41533MSB VLCY LOCAL11.0011.3400.34hr
41057MSB VLCY LOCAL11.0011.3400.34hr
41535MSB VLCY LOCAL11.2011.5400.34hr
41061MSB VLCY LOCAL11.3012.0400.34hr
41537MSB VLCY LOCAL11.4012.1400.34hr
41063MSB VLCY LOCAL11.4512.1900.34hr
41539MSB VLCY LOCAL12.0012.3400.34hr
41065MSB VLCY LOCAL12.0512.3900.34hr
41541MSB VLCY LOCAL12.2012.5400.34hr
PS4MSB VLCY LOCAL SPL12.3513.0900.34hr
41543MSB VLCY LOCAL12.4013.1400.34hr
41069MSB VLCY LOCAL12.4513.1900.34hr
41545MSB VLCY LOCAL13.0013.3400.34hr
41547MSB VLCY LOCAL13.2013.5400.34hr
41073MSB VLCY LOCAL13.2513.5900.34hr
41549MSB VLCY LOCAL13.4014.1400.34hr
41551MSB VLCY LOCAL14.0014.3400.34hr
41077MSB VLCY LOCAL14.0514.3900.34hr
PS6MSB VLCY LOCAL SPL14.2014.5400.34hr
41553MSB VLCY LOCAL14.2014.5400.34hr
41079MSB VLCY LOCAL14.2514.5900.34hr
41555MSB VLCY LOCAL14.4015.1400.34hr
41081MSB VLCY LOCAL14.4515.1900.34hr
41557MSB VLCY LOCAL15.0015.3400.34hr
41559MSB VLCY LOCAL15.2015.5400.34hr
41085MSB VLCY LOCAL15.2515.5900.34hr
41561MSB VLCY LOCAL15.4016.1400.34hr
41563MSB VLCY LOCAL16.0016.3400.34hr
41089MSB VLCY LOCAL16.0016.3400.34hr
PS8MSB VLCY LOCAL SPL16.1016.4400.34hr
41091MSB VLCY LOCAL16.1516.4900.34hr
41565MSB VLCY LOCAL16.2016.5400.34hr
41093MSB VLCY LOCAL16.3017.0400.34hr
41567MSB VLCY LOCAL16.4017.1400.34hr
41095MSB VLCY LOCAL16.4517.1900.34hr
41569MSB VLCY LOCAL17.0017.3400.34hr
41097MSB VLCY LOCAL17.0017.3400.34hr
41571MSB VLCY LOCAL17.2017.5400.34hr
41103MSB VLCY LOCAL17.4018.1400.34hr
41573MSB VLCY LOCAL17.4018.1400.34hr
41105MSB VLCY LOCAL17.5018.2400.34hr
41575MSB VLCY LOCAL18.0018.3400.34hr
41577MSB VLCY LOCAL18.2018.5400.34hr
41111MSB VLCY LOCAL18.2518.5900.34hr
41113MSB VLCY LOCAL18.3519.0900.34hr
41579MSB VLCY LOCAL18.4019.1400.34hr
41117MSB VLCY LOCAL18.5519.2900.34hr
41581MSB VLCY LOCAL19.0019.3400.34hr
41119MSB VLCY LOCAL19.1019.4400.34hr
41583MSB VLCY LOCAL19.2019.5400.34hr
41585MSB VLCY LOCAL19.4020.1400.34hr
42854SPE VLCY LOCAL19.4020.1400.34hr
41587MSB VLCY LOCAL20.0020.3400.34hr
41127MSB VLCY LOCAL20.2020.5400.34hr
41589MSB VLCY LOCAL20.3021.0400.34hr
41129MSB VLCY LOCAL20.4021.1400.34hr
41131MSB VLCY LOCAL21.0021.3400.34hr
41593MSB VLCY LOCAL21.0021.3400.34hr
41597MSB VLCY LOCAL21.3022.0400.34hr
41135MSB VLCY LOCAL21.4022.1400.34hr
42656GPD VLCY LOCAL22.0022.3400.34hr
41599MSB VLCY LOCAL22.0022.3400.34hr
from Korukkupet to Perungudi
42654GPD VLCY LOCAL17.3118.3401.03hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Vyasarpadi Jeeva and Perungudi?
    There are 122 trains beween Vyasarpadi Jeeva and Perungudi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Vyasarpadi Jeeva?
    The first train from Vyasarpadi Jeeva to Perungudi is Chennai Beach Jn Velachery LOCAL (41001) departs at 03.55 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa.
  3. When does the last train leave from Vyasarpadi Jeeva?
    The first train from Vyasarpadi Jeeva to Perungudi is Chennai Beach Jn Velachery LOCAL (41599) departs at 22.00 and train runs on Su.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Perungudi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Vyasarpadi Jeeva to Perungudi is Chennai Beach Jn Velachery LOCAL (41001) departs at 03.55 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa. It covers the distance of 19km in 00.34 hrs.