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Washermanpet (WST) to Arakkonam (AJJ) Trains

from Washermanpet to Arakkonam
43801MSB AJJ LOCAL01.3003.3002.00hr
43803MSB AJJ LOCAL04.3006.3002.00hr
BA1MSB AJJ LOCAL SPL10.4012.4502.05hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL12.2014.1501.55hr
43931VLCY AJJ LOCAL14.3516.3502.00hr
66017MSB VLR MEMU FAST18.1019.4301.33hr
43933VLCY AJJ LADIES LOCAL18.1520.1502.00hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST18.3520.0801.33hr
from Chennai Central to Arakkonam
13351DHN ALAPPUZHA E02.0003.0801.08hr
18189TATA ALLP EXP02.0003.0801.08hr
12688DDN MDU SF EXP02.3503.3300.58hr
22688CDG MDU SF EXP02.3503.3300.58hr
43501MAS TRT LOCAL04.0005.5001.50hr
12508SCL TVC EXPRESS04.5505.5300.58hr
43401MAS AJJ FAST05.3006.5501.25hr
43403MAS AJJ LOCAL06.0008.0002.00hr
12675KOVAI EXPRESS06.1007.0800.58hr
16057SAPTHAGIRI EXP06.2507.2801.03hr
43405MAS AJJ LOCAL06.4508.4502.00hr
43503MAS TRT LOCAL07.0508.5001.45hr
66015MAS AJJ MEMU07.2009.0501.45hr
22625SBC DOUBLE DECK07.2508.1800.53hr
12639BRINDAVAN EXP07.5008.4800.58hr
43407MAS AJJ LOCAL08.2010.2002.00hr
16003MAS NSL EXPRESS08.5510.1301.18hr
43409MAS AJJ LOCAL09.1011.1002.00hr
66047MAS TPTY FAST PASS09.5011.0301.13hr
43505MAS TRT LOCAL10.0011.5301.53hr
12970JP CBE SUP EXP10.1011.0800.58hr
22601SHIRDI EXPRESS10.1011.0800.58hr
43411MAS AJJ LOCAL11.0513.0502.00hr
43507MAS TRT LOCAL11.4513.3501.50hr
22637WEST COAST EXP12.0512.5800.53hr
11042MUMBAI EXPRESS12.2013.2301.03hr
43413MAS AJJ LOCAL12.5014.5002.00hr
56001MAS AJJ PASS13.1014.4001.30hr
12609BANGALORE EXP13.3514.3801.03hr
43415MAS AJJ LOCAL13.4015.4502.05hr
12296SANGHA MITRA EX13.5514.5300.58hr
16053TIRUPATHI EXP14.1515.1501.00hr
43509MAS TRT LOCAL14.2016.0801.48hr
12679COIMBATORE EXP14.3015.2800.58hr
12577BAGMATI EXPRESS14.4515.4300.58hr
22351PPTA YPR EXP14.4515.4300.58hr
22698MAS HUBLI EXP15.0015.5800.58hr
17311MAS VASCO EXP15.0015.5800.58hr
11074CHENNAI LTT EXP15.1516.1801.03hr
12695TRIVANDRUM EXP15.2516.2300.58hr
43511MAS TRT LOCAL15.3017.2001.50hr
12607LALBAGH EXPRESS15.3516.3300.58hr
66011MAS AJJ LOCAL15.5017.5002.00hr
43419MAS AJJ LOCAL16.0018.0002.00hr
16203TIRUPATHY EXP16.3517.4301.08hr
43421MAS AJJ LOCAL16.4518.4502.00hr
43423MAS AJJ LOCAL17.1519.1001.55hr
43513MAS TRT LOCAL17.4019.3001.50hr
66013MAS AJJ FAST17.4519.2501.40hr
16089YELGIRI EXP17.5519.0301.08hr
43427MAS AJJ LOCAL18.0520.0502.00hr
43429MAS AJJ LOCAL18.4020.4502.05hr
12689NAGERCOIL EXP19.0020.0801.08hr
43515MAS TRT LOCAL19.0020.5501.55hr
66021MAS AJJ FAST19.1020.3001.20hr
43431MAS AJJ FAST19.3021.0001.30hr
43433MAS AJJ LOCAL19.4521.5002.05hr
06005MAS ERS EXPRESS20.0021.1301.13hr
06007MAS NCJ EXPRESS20.0021.1301.13hr
82633MAS ERS SUVIDHA20.0021.1301.13hr
19419MAS ADI EXPRESS20.1021.1301.03hr
06051MAS ADI EXP20.1021.2301.13hr
43435MAS AJJ FAST20.1021.2501.15hr
12601MANGALORE MAIL20.2021.2301.03hr
43517MAS TRT LOCAL20.2022.1801.58hr
12671NILAGIRI EXP20.5521.5300.58hr
22639ALLEPPEY EXP21.0522.0300.58hr
43437MAS AJJ LOCAL21.1523.1502.00hr
16021KAVERI EXPRESS21.1522.1801.03hr
22651PALAKKAD EXP21.4022.3800.58hr
12673CHERAN EXPRESS22.1023.0800.58hr
43439MAS AJJ LOCAL22.1000.1502.05hr
12681COIMBATORE EXP22.3023.2800.58hr
22649YERCAUD EXPRESS22.4023.4801.08hr
66009MAS AJJ LOCAL22.4500.5002.05hr
12657BANGALORE MAIL23.1500.1300.58hr
12292YESVANTPUR EXP23.3000.2800.58hr
12691SSPN EXPRESS23.3000.2800.58hr
22682MYSORE EXPRESS23.3000.2800.58hr
11028MUMBAI MAIL23.5501.0801.13hr
from Chengalpattu Jn to Arakkonam
11044LOKAMANYA TT EXP01.2003.1001.50hr
56006CGL AJJ PASS08.2009.5501.35hr
17651KACHEGUDA EXP15.3018.1802.48hr
56042PDY TPTY PASS18.1519.5001.35hr
16352NCJ MUMBAI EXP18.4520.1501.30hr
56004CGL AJJ PASS20.2521.5501.30hr
from Perambur to Arakkonam
15228MFP YPR EXP03.5504.5801.03hr
12510GHY BNC EXPRESS04.4505.4801.03hr
12516SCL TVC EXPRESS04.4505.4801.03hr
from Chennai Egmore to Arakkonam
11018KIK LTT EXPRESS22.0023.4001.40hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Washermanpet and Arakkonam?
    There are 98 trains beween Washermanpet and Arakkonam.
  2. When does the first train leave from Washermanpet?
    The first train from Washermanpet to Arakkonam is Madurai Jn Lokmanyatilak LOKAMANYA TT EXPRESS (11044) departs at 01.20 and train runs on Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Washermanpet?
    The first train from Washermanpet to Arakkonam is Chennai Central Mumbai Cst MUMBAI MAIL (11028) departs at 23.55 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Arakkonam and its timing?
    The fastest train from Washermanpet to Arakkonam is Chennai Central Ksr Bengaluru DOUBLE DECKER (22625) departs at 07.25 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 69km in 00.53 hrs.