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MAS AJJ LOCAL 43403, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn06.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H07.01a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43405, 00.58
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn06.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H07.48a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43407, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn08.25d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H09.21a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43409, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn09.15d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H10.11a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43411, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn11.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H12.06a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43413, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn12.55d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H13.51a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43415, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn13.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H14.46a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43431, 01.00
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn19.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H20.50a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43501, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn04.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H05.01a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43503, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn07.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H08.06a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43505, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn10.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H11.01a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43507, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn11.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H12.46a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43509, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn14.30d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H15.26a
MAS KBT LOCAL 43901, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn10.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H11.31a
MAS KBT LOCAL 43903, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn12.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H13.01a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43201, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn03.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H04.41a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43203, 00.55
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn05.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H06.15a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43205, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn06.00d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H06.56a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43207, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn06.55d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H07.51a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43209, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn07.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H08.46a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43211, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn08.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H09.06a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43213, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn08.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H09.41a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43215, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn09.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H10.16a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43217, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn09.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H10.31a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43219, 00.57
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn09.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H10.47a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43221, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn11.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H12.31a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43223, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn12.15d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H13.11a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43225, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn13.25d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H14.21a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43227, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn14.15d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H15.11a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43247, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn20.25d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H21.21a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43229, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn14.40d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H15.36a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43231, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn15.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H16.01a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43511, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn15.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H16.31a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43233, 00.58
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn15.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H16.48a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 66011, 00.58
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn15.55d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H16.53a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43235, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn16.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H17.31a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43419, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn16.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H17.46a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43237, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn17.00d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H17.56a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43421, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn17.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H18.16a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43239, 00.54
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn17.30d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H18.24a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43241, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn18.00d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H18.56a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43513, 00.54
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn17.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H18.39a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43425, 00.57
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn18.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.07a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43243, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn18.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.31a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43427, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn18.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.41a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43515, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn19.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H20.01a
MAS TRT LOCAL 43517, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn20.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H21.16a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43249, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn21.00d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H21.56a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43251, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn21.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H22.41a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43253, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn23.15d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H00.11a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43255, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn23.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H00.46a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43435, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn21.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H22.16a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 43437, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn22.15d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H23.11a
MAS AJJ LOCAL 66009, 00.57
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn22.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H23.47a
MAS TPTY MEMU 66015, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn07.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H08.16a
MAS TRL LOCAL 43245, 00.56
MTWTFSSBasin Bridge Jn18.55d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.51a
MSB AJJ LOCAL 43801, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn01.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H02.29a
MSB AJJ LOCAL 43803, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn04.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H05.29a
MSB TRL LOCAL 43701, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn05.30d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H06.39a
ENR TRL LOCAL 43861, 00.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H07.58a
PON TRL LOCAL 43851, 00.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H17.20a
VLCY TRT LOCAL 43941, 01.11
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn12.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H13.21a
VLCY AJJ LOCAL 43931, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn14.25d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H15.34a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43761, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn06.20d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H07.29a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43763, 00.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H10.59a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43765, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn13.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H14.14a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43767, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn15.30d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H16.39a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43769, 00.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H18.49a
VLCY TRT LOCAL 43943, 00.50
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn18.22d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.12a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43771, 01.11
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn19.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H20.21a
VLCY TRL LOCAL 43773, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn19.50d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H20.59a
VLCY AJJ LOCAL 43933, 01.09
MTWTFSSChennai Beach Jn18.05d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SPutlur H19.14a
Indian Railways is one of the largest network in the world. Railways operates many types of trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Superfast trains, Mail Express trains and passenger trains. There are various Suburban trains which are called local trains. Mumbai local trains, Kolkata local trains, Hyderabad local train, Chennai local trains, Delhi local trains. They cater to Suburban areas. provides information regarding all types of trains which are run by Indian Railways. There are reserved trains and unreserved trains. eRail train enquiry provides combined list of all the trains which depart from a given station. eRail data is sourced from various websites such as IRCTC, and provides the latest and updated time table of Indian Railways network trains. Users can check seat availability, running status and PNR status of the trains. On the website you can check trains related information in a quick and easy format.