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Train No / Name

Fare Type of Indian Railway Trains

Humsafar Express

Base fare of AC-3 tier of Humsafar train is 1.15 times of the base fare of AC-3 tier superfast Mail/Express trains, which is applicable for the first passenger block of 50% and thereafter a 10% increase for every 10% increase in the passenger block for the remaining 50%. Fare of tatkal charges is 1.5 times of Humsafar basic fares. Other charges like reservation fee, superfast surcharge, GST etc. as applicable are levied separately. Catering charge is optional for meals. The fare of Humsafar is inclusive of bedroll charges. The advance reservation period (ARP) will be 120 days.

Antyodaya Express

Antyodaya Express train is a long distance superfast service with fully unreserved coaches. Base fare of unreserved second class of Antyodya Express train is 15% higher than the base fare of unreserved second class of Mail/Express trains. Other changes like superfast surcharges, Mela surcharge if applicable etc. is levied separately.

Tejas Express

The basic fare of AC chair car and Executive class of Tejas Express is 1.20 times of the basic fare of respective classes of Shatabdi trains.

Mahanama Express

The basic fare of AC chair car and second class (reserved) is 15% higher than the normal Mail/Express basic fare.

Gatimaan Express

The base fare of Gatimaan Express train is 45% higher than the Shatabdi Express fare.

Anubhuti Coaches

The base fare of Anubhuti coaches are 20% higher then the basic care of Executive Class of Shatabdi Express.


The base fare of AC EMU is 1.30 times of the base fare of existing fare of single journey ticket for First class ticket. However, as an introductory offer of initial 6 months (24.06.2018), the fair is 1.20 times of the first class single journey ticket.

Components of Indian Railways fare

  • Base fare
  • Reservation Charge
  • Super fast charge
  • Tatkal Charge
  • Catering Charge
  • GST
  • Dynamic Charge

Indian Railways Fare discounts

  • Senior Citizen Female - 50% Base fare
  • Senior Citizen Male - 50% Base fare
  • Student - 50% Base fare
  • Doctor - 10% Base fare

Bulk / Group Booking

  • Upto 50 persons is allowed by CRS (Chief Reservation Supervisor)/shift-in charge/SS etc.
  • Up to 100 persons are allowed under the bulk booking by Area Manager/ACM/ ATM/SM (Gaz.).
  • For persons more than 100 in number, the authority to allow group booking rests with Sr. DCM/DCM/DTM/Area Manager, depending upon the availability of maximum 25 percent of the total accommodation.

Advance Booking

You can reserve your ticket 120 days in advance, excluding the date of journey at the train originating station. At intermediate stations where the train arrives the following day, reservation can be done 121days in advance. In the case of some intercity day express trains, the advance reservation period is less. Special Trains are planned by Railways where ARP varies from 10 to 60 days. Such Trains may have a higher fare than normal Trains

Circular Ticket

  • Circular Journey Tickets give you the benefit of telescopic rates, which are considerably lower than regular point-to-point fare.
  • These rates are calculated on Mail/Express Fares.
  • With these tickets, you not only save time but also the inconvenience of booking tickets for each leg of the journey.

Seasonal Ticket