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Cloak Room
2018-04-12 12:31Cloak Room
Cloak Room

Cloak Room Charges

Cloak room charges at new delhi railway station

Cloak room on New Delhi Railway Station

  • This is issued to passengers who deposit their luggage in the cloakroom.
  • The articles kept in the cloakroom are to be securely locked and neatly packed.
  • This ticket has 3 foils Record, Passenger, Label and prepared under double-sided carbon process.
  • The following details are entered at the time of issue:
    • Name of the passenger
    • Ticket number
    • No. of articles and description
    • Date and time of deposit
  • The passenger foil is given to the passenger and the label foil is pasted on the luggage for identification.
  • At the time of delivery, the passenger foil will be collected and the following are entered on it:
    • Date and time of delivery
    • Total charges
    • Signature of the passenger
  • The collected passenger foils are sent to Accounts office with Monthly returns.
  • Articles can be kept in Cloakroom for a maximum of one month.
  • Afterwards, they will be treated as unclaimed and will be disposed off as per rules.
  • If the passenger foils is lost, then delivery can be given as follows:
  • The passenger should execute a stamped Indemnity Note.
  • A written receipt indicating the date and time of deposit and removal should be obtained from the passenger and sent to Accounts office.