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Ticket lost
2018-04-12 12:31Ticket lost
Ticket lost

Lost or Misplaced Ticket

Lost/misplaced of Counter tickets or i-Tickets

No Refund is permissible against lost/misplaced tickets. Loss of tickets be reported to railways immediately to prevent fraudulent use of lost tickets. However, duplicate ticket can be issued only in case of lost/torn/mutilated, confirmed or RAC tickets and the passenger can travel on the accommodation reserved for him as per extant Railway rules.

Can I get a refund on a ticket that I have lost?

No, you cannot get any refund on a lost ticket. However, you will be allowed to travel on the reservation already made, after paying the prescribed charges for the issue of a duplicate ticket. In your own interest, you are requested to inform the Reservation Office immediately about the loss of your ticket. This will also help prevent fraudulent refund claims.

How much will it cost me to get a duplicate ticket?

If the loss of your Confirmed/RAC ticket is reported before the prep-aration of the Reservation Chart, a duplicate ticket will be issued on collection of Rs. 50 per passenger for second & sleeper class and Rs. 100 per passenger for other classes. In case of the loss of your confirmed ticket is reported after prepara-tion of the Reservation Chart, a duplicate ticket will be issued on col-lection of 50% of the fare. No duplicate ticket will be prepared after preparation of Reservation chart in case of RAC tickets.