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Travelling with Platform Ticket
2018-04-12 12:31Travelling with Platform Ticket
Travelling with Platform Ticket

Travelling with Platform Ticket

Platform Ticket

How to Travel with Platform Ticket?

Guard's certificate of permission to travel.

The 'Certificate of permission to travel' is issued in the Platform Ticket case by Guards/Conductors and other categories of staff on duty as notified by the railways, to passengers who apply for such permission before incurring the charge, on the condition that the passenger will subsequently pay the fare and any excess charge due:

  • When a passenger owing to want of time is unable to purchase a ticket; Guard's Certificates will be issued in such cases at stations where platform tickets are issued, only on production of valid platform tickets.
  • Travelling Ticket Examiners are not authorised to issue these certificates.

Guard Certificate Required

  • It is a provisional authority for passenger to travel.
  • It is issued by the guard before incurring any charge.
  • It is issued for the following:
    • Journey extension
    • Change of class
    • Change of train (Ordinary to Express etc.)
    • Change of route
    • Passenger unable to purchase journey ticket for want of time (Only on production of valid platform ticket).
  • It is in book form, serially machine numbered and each certificate has 3 foils (Passenger, Accounts and record).
  • The certificate should be prepared under carbon process.
  • Also it may be prepared during run, and issued at the next stopping station.
  • The passenger along with the 'Passenger' foil should be handed over to the T.T.E/S.M. at the next station.
  • The certificate will be exchanged for a ticket on collection of charges due. No excess charges will be collected.
  • The E.F.T. NO. should be noted down in the 'accounts' and 'record' foils of the certificate. The certificate No. should be mentioned in the E.F.T.
  • The guard has to ensure that the dues are recovered from the passenger.
  • But the guard should not collect money from the passenger.
  • 'Accounts foils' must be submitted to accounts office at the end of the month.