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Aligarh Jn (ALJN) to Delhi (DLI) Trains

from Aligarh Jn
15707KIR ASR EXPRESS00.20Delhi02.5002.30hr
15025MAU ANVT EXPRESS00.45Anand Vihar Terminal03.4503.00hr
14217UNCHAHAR EXP01.16Delhi04.1002.54hr
12397MAHABODHI EXP01.34New Delhi04.3503.01hr
64101ALJN DLI EMU01.55Delhi05.1003.15hr
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS01.58Delhi04.4002.42hr
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS01.58Delhi04.4002.42hr
14005LICHCHAVI EXP02.12Anand Vihar Terminal04.3502.23hr
14723KALINDI EXPRESS02.22Delhi05.3003.08hr
14055BRAHMPUTRA MAIL03.18Delhi06.0502.47hr
12303POORVA EXPRESS03.39New Delhi06.0502.26hr
12381POORVA EXPRESS03.39New Delhi06.0502.26hr
12427REWA ANVT EXP03.50Anand Vihar Terminal06.3502.45hr
12553VAISHALI EXP04.15New Delhi06.4502.30hr
12417PRAYAG RAJ EXP04.28New Delhi07.0002.32hr
12225KAIFIYAT EXP04.48Delhi07.0502.17hr
12569JYG ANVT G RATH06.08Anand Vihar Terminal08.2002.12hr
22405BGP GARIB RATH06.08Anand Vihar Terminal08.2002.12hr
64103ALJN DLI EMU06.10Delhi09.1003.00hr
64105ALJN NDLS EMU06.20New Delhi09.3003.10hr
64581HRF DLI MEMU06.43Delhi10.0003.17hr
64583TDL DLI MEMU08.40Delhi13.0004.20hr
12401MAGADH EXPRESS09.05New Delhi11.5002.45hr
12033CNB NDLS SHT09.07New Delhi11.2002.13hr
22857SRC ANVT SF EXP09.39Anand Vihar Terminal11.5002.11hr
12561SWATANTRA S EXP10.04New Delhi12.3002.26hr
22427BUI ANVT SF EXP10.22Anand Vihar Terminal12.5002.28hr
02365PNBE ANVT SPL12.07Anand Vihar Terminal14.2002.13hr
12419GOMTI EXP12.23New Delhi15.0502.42hr
64151ALJN DLI EMU14.05Delhi17.0002.55hr
12815NANDAN KANAN EXP14.20Anand Vihar Terminal17.0502.45hr
14151CNB ANVT EXP16.01Anand Vihar Terminal18.2002.19hr
64168ALJN PWL EMU16.40New Delhi20.0503.25hr
12505NORTH EAST EXP16.49Anand Vihar Terminal19.2002.31hr
12311HWH DLI KLK MAIL17.25Delhi20.4503.20hr
18101TATA JAT EXP17.51Delhi21.3503.44hr
18309SBP ROU JAT EXP17.51Delhi21.3503.44hr
12487SEEMANCHAL EXP18.05Anand Vihar Terminal21.0002.55hr
15483MAHANANDA EXP19.00Delhi22.4003.40hr
12875NEELACHAL EXP19.27Anand Vihar Terminal21.3502.08hr
12003LJN SWRAN SHTBD20.10New Delhi22.1502.05hr
04111ALD JAT SPL21.40Delhi00.3502.55hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Aligarh Jn and Delhi?
    There are 42 trains beween Aligarh Jn and Delhi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Aligarh Jn?
    The first train from Aligarh Jn to Delhi is Katihar Jn Amritsar Jn EXPRESS (15707) departs at 00.20 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Aligarh Jn?
    The first train from Aligarh Jn to Delhi is ALLAHABAD JN JAMMU TAWI SPECIAL (04111) departs at 21.40 and train runs on W.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Delhi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Aligarh Jn to Delhi is Lucknow Ne New Delhi SWARN SHATABDI (12003) departs at 20.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 129km in 02.05 hrs.