8 Trains Badnera Jn (BD) to Viramgam Jn (VG) - eRail.in

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TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.TravelRMTWTFSS1A2A3ACCFCSL2S
22940BSP HAPA EXPRESBD18.05VG10.0115.56XXXX
02834SRC RJT AC SPLBD18.45VG09.5515.10XX
12906HWH PBR OKHAEXBD19.10VG10.1815.08XXXXXX
18401PURI OKHA EXPBD13.10VG04.4015.30XXXX
22974PURI GIMB EXPBD11.23VG02.1614.53XXXX
12950PBR KAVIGURU EXBD20.45VG12.0715.22XXXX
22906HAPA OKHA LINKBD19.10VG10.1615.06XXX
18501VSKP GIMB EXPBD13.10VG04.4015.30XXXX

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