from Bangalore East to Tyakal
66546SBC MKM MEMU07.1808.1901.01hr
56262SBC AJJ PASS09.3210.3301.01hr
66530SBC BWT MEMU10.0711.0100.54hr
76507BNC BWT DEMU11.4512.3400.49hr
66544SBC KPN MEMU11.5212.4800.56hr
66511SBC MKM MEMU12.3613.3100.55hr
66532SBC MKM MEMU15.0015.5400.54hr
76505BNC KQZ DEMU18.0219.0201.00hr
56508SBC MKM PASS18.2019.1900.59hr
16522SBC BWT EXP19.5220.4400.52hr
from Baiyyappanahalli to Tyakal
66515BYPL MKM MEMU17.2518.1700.52hr
66534BYPL KPN MEMU19.3020.2000.50hr
from Ksr Bengaluru to Tyakal
16520SBC JTJ EXP17.3018.3901.09hr
16219CMNR TPTY EXP20.3021.4101.11hr

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