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Jaunpur Jn (JNU) to Kashi (KEI) Trains

from Jaunpur Jn
54262JNU BSB PASS03.15Varanasi Jn05.1502.00hr
15054LJN CPR EXP04.29Varanasi Jn06.2001.51hr
14236BE BSB EXPRESS05.50Varanasi Jn07.5002.00hr
54110FD DDU PASS06.53Kashi09.3602.43hr
19167SABARMATI EXP07.40Varanasi Jn09.3501.55hr
14018SADBHAVNA EXP08.50Varanasi Jn10.3001.40hr
14854MARUDHAR EXPRES08.50Varanasi Jn10.3001.40hr
19321INDB RJPB EXP09.53Varanasi Jn11.3001.37hr
75111GCT BSB DMU11.08Varanasi Jn13.2002.12hr
14214GD BSB INTERCITY11.59Varanasi Jn13.4001.41hr
13484FARAKKA EXPRESS12.40Varanasi Jn15.0002.20hr
13238KOTA PNBE EXP14.00Varanasi Jn15.4501.45hr
13010DOON EXPRESS14.23Kashi16.2902.06hr
19046TAPTI GANGA EXP15.39Kashi17.4502.06hr
54334LKO BSB PASS18.07Varanasi Jn21.4003.33hr
13308GANGASATLUJ EXP18.45Kashi20.5702.12hr
15231BJU GONDIA EXP20.10Varanasi Jn21.2501.15hr
13152KOLKATA EXP23.49Kashi01.4101.52hr
from Jaunpur City
12392SHRAMJEVI N EXP00.38Varanasi Jn02.2501.47hr
03254LKO-DNR EXAM SPECIAL02.30Dd Upadhyaya Jn04.5002.20hr
19407ADI VARANASI EXP03.30Varanasi Jn05.4002.10hr
14262EKATMATA EXPRESS03.48Dd Upadhyaya Jn07.1003.22hr
22418MAHAMANA EXP06.34Varanasi Jn08.2501.51hr
14864MARUDHAR EXPRES06.58Varanasi Jn08.4501.47hr
14008SADHBHAWNA EXP07.23Varanasi Jn09.0001.37hr
14016SADHBHAWNA EXP07.23Varanasi Jn09.0001.37hr
19313INDB RJPB EXP09.16Varanasi Jn11.3002.14hr
19305INDB GHY EXP09.16Varanasi Jn11.3002.14hr
12238BEGAMPURA EXP10.40Varanasi Jn12.3001.50hr
13414FARKKA EXPRESS12.33Varanasi Jn15.0002.27hr
22356CDG PPTA S FAST12.58Varanasi Jn14.3501.37hr
13050ASR HWH EXPRESS16.12Kashi19.3003.18hr
12332HIMGIRI EXPRESS18.58Varanasi Jn20.5501.57hr
54266SLN BSB PASS20.17Varanasi Jn22.4502.28hr
14228VARUNA EXP21.31Varanasi Jn23.2001.49hr
24228VARUNA EXP21.31Varanasi Jn23.2001.49hr
from Zafarabad Jn
54264SLN BSB PASS08.30Varanasi Jn10.1501.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Jaunpur Jn and Kashi?
    There are 37 trains beween Jaunpur Jn and Kashi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Jaunpur Jn?
    The first train from Jaunpur Jn to Kashi is New Delhi Rajgir SHRAMJEVI EXPRESS (12392) departs at 00.38 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Jaunpur Jn?
    The first train from Jaunpur Jn to Kashi is Jammu Tawi Kolkata KOLKATA EXPRESS (13152) departs at 23.49 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kashi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Jaunpur Jn to Kashi is Barauni Jn Gondia Jn GONDIA EXPRESS (15231) departs at 20.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 58km in 01.15 hrs.