from Khagaria Jn. to Mahesh Khunt
13246CAPITAL EXP03.4304.0400.21hr
13248KYQ CAPITAL EXP03.4304.0400.21hr
55222BJU KIR PASS04.5405.1800.24hr
15484MAHANANDA EXP05.3005.5200.22hr
55224DBG KIR PASS09.3810.0200.24hr
28181BJU KIR LINK EXP10.2910.4900.20hr
18181TATA CPR EXP10.2910.4900.20hr
55538SPJ KIR PASS16.2017.1400.54hr
15714INTERCITY EXP18.0018.2300.23hr
55540HJP KIR PASS20.4521.1500.30hr
from Mansi Jn to Mahesh Khunt
13164HATE BAZARE EXP15.5816.0700.09hr

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