from Khardaha to Kalyani Simanta
31311SDAH KLYM LOCAL04.4005.4301.03hr
31313SDAH KLYM LOCAL05.5807.0001.02hr
31315SDAH KLYM LOCAL06.5807.5801.00hr
31317SDAH KLYM LOCAL07.4608.4801.02hr
31319SDAH KLYM LOCAL08.5810.0001.02hr
31321SDAH KLYM LOCAL09.4810.5201.04hr
31323SDAH KLYM LOCAL11.5012.5201.02hr
31325SDAH KLYM LOCAL12.5814.0301.05hr
31327SDAH KLYM LOCAL14.0315.0701.04hr
31329SDAH KLYM LOCAL15.0816.1001.02hr
31331SDAH KLYM LOCAL16.0317.0601.03hr
31333SDAH KLYM LOCAL17.2118.2000.59hr
31335SDAH KLYM LOCAL18.4319.4601.03hr
31339SDAH KLYM LOCAL20.3821.4301.05hr
31341SDAH KLYM LOCAL22.3323.3301.00hr
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