from Khidirpur to Benoy Badal Dinesh Bag
30321MJT HNB LOCAL09.2809.4400.16hr
30412SDAH BBDB LOCAL09.4510.0500.20hr
30414SDAH BBDB LOCAL10.1510.3600.21hr
30121NACC NH LOCAL11.1011.2700.17hr
30333MJT HB LOCAL11.5312.1600.23hr
30452SDAH KOAA LOCAL16.0016.2900.29hr
30317MJT DTK LOCAL16.3817.0000.22hr
30331MJT HB LOCAL17.3517.5400.19hr
30416SDAH BBDB LOCAL17.4718.1100.24hr
30135MJT RHA LOCAL18.1918.4000.21hr
30111BLN BP LOCAL18.4719.2100.34hr
30123MJT NH LOCAL19.4820.0400.16hr
30313MJT BT LOCAL20.1520.3100.16hr
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