from Khurda Road Jn to Patia Ph
58132PURI ROU PASS05.4006.3300.53hr
58534PSA CTC PASS08.5509.5300.58hr
58416PURI CTC PASS09.1510.0500.50hr
68434BAM CTC MEMU PASS09.5010.2800.38hr
58002PURI SRC PASS11.0512.0300.58hr
68422PURI ANGL MEMU17.2518.1700.52hr
68414PURI TLHR PASS17.5518.4800.53hr
from Bhubaneswar to Patia Ph
58426BBS KDJR FAST PASS16.0016.1800.18hr
58408BBS BHC PASS17.5018.0800.18hr

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