from Kolkata to Khidirpur
30142GEDE MJT LOCAL08.0408.3600.32hr
30342BNJ MJT LOCAL08.2309.0000.37hr
30344BNJ MJT LOCAL09.1709.5800.41hr
30128KLYM NACC LOCAL09.4410.2700.43hr
30346BNJ MJT LOCAL11.4512.2400.39hr
30332HB MJT LOCAL15.2516.1300.48hr
30122NH BLN LOCAL16.1016.5000.40hr
30312BT BLN LOCAL16.3017.1300.43hr
30612KOAA BRP LOCAL17.1018.0500.55hr
30112BP MJT LOCAL17.5218.5801.06hr
30314DTK MJT LOCAL18.5419.3000.36hr
from Ballygunge Jn to Khidirpur
30111BLN BP LOCAL18.1418.4600.32hr
from Sealdah to Khidirpur
30412SDAH BBDB LOCAL09.0209.4400.42hr
30414SDAH BBDB LOCAL09.3510.1400.39hr
30452SDAH KOAA LOCAL15.2515.5900.34hr
30416SDAH BBDB LOCAL17.1017.4600.36hr

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