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Kopargaon (KPG) to Daund Jn (DD) Trains

from Kopargaon to Daund Jn
12150DNR PUNE EXP00.0503.5503.50hr
12130AZAD HIND EXP01.1505.0503.50hr
11034DBG PUNE EXP02.2006.0503.45hr
12104LJN PUNE EXP02.2006.0503.45hr
22132GYAN GANGA SF02.2006.0503.45hr
22118AMI PUNE SF EXP02.2005.5503.35hr
12148NZM KOP EXP03.4007.4004.00hr
12730PUNE EXPRESS03.4007.4004.00hr
12782SWARNA JAYANTHI03.4007.4004.00hr
01664HBJ DHARWAR EXP03.4007.3503.55hr
12136NAGPUR PUNE EXP04.1008.0003.50hr
12849BSP PUNE SUP EX04.1008.0003.50hr
11408LJN PUNE EXP05.4009.2503.45hr
22152KZJ PUNE SF EXP05.4009.2503.45hr
57516NED DD PASNGR06.2011.5505.35hr
22124AJNI PUNE AC EXP06.4010.0003.20hr
16501ADI YPR EXPRESS07.5512.1004.15hr
01656JBP PUNE SPECIAL07.5512.1004.15hr
11078JHELUM EXPRESS09.1512.5503.40hr
12780GOA EXPRESS11.0014.4503.45hr
51422NZB PUNE PASS12.5018.3505.45hr
11046DIKSHABHUMI EXP13.1517.1504.00hr
12628KARNATAKA EXP16.2520.0003.35hr
16230BSB MYS EXP19.4000.1504.35hr
17324BSB UBL EXPRESS19.4000.1504.35hr
22846HTE PUNE EXP20.2001.0504.45hr
11038GKP PUNE EXPRESS20.5501.5505.00hr
11040MAHARASHTRA EXP21.5002.4504.55hr
15018GKP LTT EXP21.5002.4504.55hr
51116DHI CSN PUNE PAS21.5002.4504.55hr
51402MMR PUNE PASS22.1005.2007.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kopargaon and Daund Jn?
    There are 31 trains beween Kopargaon and Daund Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kopargaon?
    The first train from Kopargaon to Daund Jn is DANAPUR PUNE JN EXPRESS (12150) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kopargaon?
    The first train from Kopargaon to Daund Jn is Manmad Jn Pune Jn PASSENGER (51402) departs at 22.10 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Daund Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kopargaon to Daund Jn is Ajni Pune Jn AC EXPRESS (22124) departs at 06.40 and train runs on W. It covers the distance of 195km in 03.20 hrs.