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Lalitpur (LAR) to Bhopal Jn (BPL) Trains

from Lalitpur
12533PUSHPAK EXP02.46Bhopal Jn05.5003.04hr
22130TULSI EXPRESS03.14Bhopal Jn06.5503.41hr
12920MALWA EXPRESS04.00Bhopal Jn07.2503.25hr
12108LJN LTT EXPRESSS04.52Bhopal Jn08.1003.18hr
12184PBH BPL EXPRESS04.52Bhopal Jn08.5003.58hr
19314INDORE EXPRESS05.41Bhopal Jn09.3503.54hr
12722DAKSHIN EXPRESS06.49Bhopal Jn10.1003.21hr
11058ASR CSTM EXP06.52Bhopal Jn11.1504.23hr
11016KUSHINAGAR EXP08.27Bhopal Jn11.5503.28hr
12002BHOPAL SHTBDI11.42Bhopal Jn13.5502.13hr
12138PUNJAB MAIL13.47Bhopal Jn16.5003.03hr
18238CHHATISGARH EXP14.42Bhopal Jn18.5004.08hr
12808SAMTA EXPRESS15.44Bhopal Jn19.0503.21hr
12511RAPTI SAGAR EXP17.51Bhopal Jn21.1003.19hr
12521RAPTI SAGAR EXP17.51Bhopal Jn21.1003.19hr
12589GKP SC EXPRESS17.51Bhopal Jn21.1003.19hr
12591GKP YPR EXPRESS18.01Bhopal Jn21.1003.09hr
11078JHELUM EXPRESS18.34Bhopal Jn22.2003.46hr
22164MAHAMANA EXP19.22Bhopal Jn22.5503.33hr
19306GHY INDB EXP20.11Bairagarh (Bhopal)00.2504.14hr
51828JHS ET PASS20.12Bhopal Jn08.3512.23hr
12716ASR NED EXPRESS21.00Bhopal Jn00.1503.15hr
14624PATALKOT EXP21.12Bhopal Jn00.4003.28hr
12191NZM JBP SUP EXP21.58Bhopal Jn01.0003.02hr
12406GONDWANA EXPRESS23.04Bhopal Jn02.1003.06hr
12410GONDWANA EXPRES23.04Bhopal Jn02.1003.06hr
16094LJN MAS EXP23.14Bhopal Jn03.0003.46hr
15023GKP YPR EXP23.15Bhopal Jn03.0003.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Lalitpur and Bhopal Jn?
    There are 28 trains beween Lalitpur and Bhopal Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Lalitpur?
    The first train from Lalitpur to Bhopal Jn is Lucknow Ne Mumbai Cst PUSHPAK EXPRESS (12533) departs at 02.46 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Lalitpur?
    The first train from Lalitpur to Bhopal Jn is Gorakhpur Yasvantpur Jn EXPRESS (15023) departs at 23.15 and train runs on Tu.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Bhopal Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Lalitpur to Bhopal Jn is New Delhi Habibganj BHOPAL SHATABDI (12002) departs at 11.42 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 201km in 02.13 hrs.