from Lucknow to Bhusaval Jn
12144SLN LTT SF02.3520.2017.45hr
12174UDYOG NAGRI EXP05.5022.5017.00hr
12597GKP CSTM JANSADHARAN13.3505.1015.35hr
15063GKP LTT EXP14.2008.3018.10hr
15065GKP PNVL EXP14.2008.3018.10hr
15067GKP BDTS EXP14.2008.3018.10hr
11080GKP LTT EXPRESS14.2008.3018.10hr
22122LKO LTT AC EXP16.1010.2518.15hr
15029GKP PUNE EXP22.5516.5518.00hr
from Lucknow Ne to Bhusaval Jn
11408LJN PUNE EXP06.3001.3519.05hr
12104LJN PUNE EXP06.3022.5016.20hr
12533PUSHPAK EXP19.4512.1516.30hr
12108LJN LTT EXPRESSS22.4514.4516.00hr
from Aishbagh to Bhusaval Jn
11016KUSHINAGAR EXP00.5019.1518.25hr
12541GKP LTT SUP EXP03.5319.5015.57hr
15101JANSADHARAN EXP06.2522.5016.25hr

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