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Lucknow Ne (LJN) to Unnao Jn (ON) Trains

from Lucknow Ne to Unnao Jn
55325LJN KSJ PASS04.3005.5401.24hr
64251LJN CNB MEMU05.4006.3400.54hr
18191UTSARG EXP07.5508.4300.48hr
12511RAPTI SAGAR EXP11.5012.4000.50hr
12521RAPTI SAGAR EXP11.5012.4000.50hr
12589GKP SC EXPRESS11.5012.4000.50hr
12591GKP YPR EXPRESS11.5012.4000.50hr
15015GKP YPR EXPRESS11.5012.4000.50hr
64253LJN KAP MEMU15.1516.2101.06hr
12179LJN AF INTERCITY15.5516.4800.53hr
11110LJN JHS INT EXP16.4017.3500.55hr
15205CHITRAKUT EXP17.3018.2300.53hr
64255LJN KAP MEMU18.3019.4301.13hr
12533PUSHPAK EXP19.4520.4200.57hr
19038AVADH EXPRESS20.5521.4800.53hr
19040AVADH EXPRESS20.5521.4800.53hr
64257LKO CNB MEMU22.1023.1601.06hr
12225KAIFIYAT EXP23.1500.0800.53hr
from Lucknow to Unnao Jn
14853MARUDHAR EXPRES00.1501.1901.04hr
14863MARUDHAR EXPRES00.1501.1901.04hr
14865MARUDHAR EXPRES00.1501.2101.06hr
11016KUSHINAGAR EXP00.3501.3300.58hr
64201LKO CNB MEMU04.1005.1301.03hr
12419GOMTI EXP06.0006.5600.56hr
64203LKO CNB MEMU07.2008.2301.03hr
64235BBK CNB MEMU07.4508.4901.04hr
14123CNB INTERCITY EXP08.1009.0000.50hr
14221FD CPA EXPRESS08.3009.2100.51hr
64205LKO CNB MEMU09.3510.3701.02hr
24227VARUNA EXPRESS10.0010.5300.53hr
64207LKO CNB MEMU11.2012.2201.02hr
11123BJU GWL MAIL11.5512.5701.02hr
12875NEELACHAL EXP13.4514.4501.00hr
64209LKO CNB MEMU14.0015.4001.40hr
64211LKO CNB MEMU16.0017.0401.04hr
51814LKO JHS PASS16.3518.0701.32hr
15707KIR ASR EXPRESS17.5019.1301.23hr
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS19.1020.2501.15hr
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS19.1020.2501.15hr
64213LKO CNB MEMU20.2021.2701.07hr
12555GORAKDAM EXPRES21.4522.4300.58hr
19402LKO ADI EXP22.5523.5300.58hr
15029GKP PUNE EXP22.5523.5300.58hr
19166SABARMATI EXP23.1500.2201.07hr
19168SABARMATI EXP23.1500.2201.07hr
13237PNBE KOTA EXP23.4000.4001.00hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Lucknow Ne and Unnao Jn?
    There are 46 trains beween Lucknow Ne and Unnao Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Lucknow Ne?
    The first train from Lucknow Ne to Unnao Jn is Varanasi Jn Jodhpur Jn MARUDHAR EXPRESS (14853) departs at 00.15 and train runs on Tu Th Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Lucknow Ne?
    The first train from Lucknow Ne to Unnao Jn is Patna Jn Kota Jn EXPRESS (13237) departs at 23.40 and train runs on Tu Sa Su.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Unnao Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Lucknow Ne to Unnao Jn is Chhapra Farrukhabad Jn UTSARG EXPRESS (18191) departs at 07.55 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 56km in 00.48 hrs.