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Majerhat (MJT) to Howrah Jn (HWH) Trains

from Majerhat
34165BGB SDAH LOCAL00.13Sealdah00.4300.30hr
34111BGB SDAH LOCAL04.58Sealdah05.3000.32hr
34113BGB SDAH LOCAL06.03Sealdah06.4200.39hr
34115BGB SDAH LOCAL06.53Sealdah07.3000.37hr
31051BGB NH LOCAL07.30Dum Dum08.2900.59hr
34117BGB SDAH LOCAL08.26Sealdah09.0200.36hr
34119BGB SDAH LOCAL08.43Sealdah09.2000.37hr
30357MJT MMG LOCAL08.56Dum Dum09.5801.02hr
30321MJT HNB LOCAL09.23Dum Dum10.2701.04hr
34121BGB SDAH LOCAL09.25Sealdah09.5900.34hr
30712MJT LKPR LOCAL09.40Ballygunge Jn10.1100.31hr
34123BGB SDAH LOCAL09.55Sealdah10.3200.37hr
30351MJT BT LOCAL10.12Dum Dum10.5600.44hr
34125BGB SDAH LOCAL10.41Sealdah11.1500.34hr
30121NACC NH LOCAL11.05Dum Dum12.0400.59hr
34127BGB SDAH LOCAL11.13Sealdah11.5000.37hr
30411BBDB SDAH LOCAL11.20Sealdah12.0000.40hr
34129BGB SDAH LOCAL11.41Sealdah12.2000.39hr
30333MJT HB LOCAL11.48Dum Dum12.4700.59hr
30413BBDB SDAH LOCAL11.56Sealdah12.3000.34hr
34131BGB SDAH LOCAL12.21Sealdah13.0200.41hr
30361MJT HNB LOCAL12.38Dum Dum13.2600.48hr
34133BGB SDAH LOCAL12.52Sealdah13.2800.36hr
34135BGB SDAH LOCAL13.15Sealdah13.5200.37hr
34137BGB SDAH LOCAL13.48Sealdah14.2000.32hr
31053BGB NH LOCAL14.23Dum Dum15.1400.51hr
34139BGB SDAH LOCAL14.38Sealdah15.1200.34hr
34141BGB SDAH LOCAL15.16Sealdah15.5200.36hr
34143BGB SDAH LOCAL15.50Sealdah16.2500.35hr
30452SDAH KOAA LOCAL15.55Kolkata16.5501.00hr
30353MJT DTK LOCAL16.30Dum Dum17.1600.46hr
30317MJT DTK LOCAL16.33Dum Dum17.3401.01hr
34145BGB SDAH LOCAL16.37Sealdah17.0800.31hr
30122NH BLN LOCAL17.05Ballygunge Jn17.2800.23hr
34147BGB SDAH LOCAL17.18Sealdah17.5000.32hr
30331MJT HB LOCAL17.30Dum Dum18.3201.02hr
31055BGB NH LOCAL18.10Dum Dum19.0400.54hr
30135MJT RHA LOCAL18.14Dum Dum19.1200.58hr
30612KOAA BRP LOCAL18.26Baruipur Jn19.3301.07hr
34149BGB SDAH LOCAL18.31Sealdah19.0400.33hr
30111BLN BP LOCAL18.42Barrackpore20.1801.36hr
30451BBDB SDAH LOCAL18.47Sealdah19.2500.38hr
30552MJT GOF LOCAL19.08Ballygunge Jn19.5700.49hr
34151BGB SDAH LOCAL19.18Sealdah19.5500.37hr
30123MJT NH LOCAL19.43Dum Dum20.3300.50hr
34153BGB SDAH LOCAL19.46Sealdah20.2200.36hr
30313MJT BT LOCAL20.10Dum Dum21.0500.55hr
34155BGB SDAH LOCAL20.30Sealdah21.0400.34hr
34157BGB SDAH LOCAL21.13Sealdah21.4900.36hr
34159BGB SDAH LOCAL21.58Sealdah22.3500.37hr
34161BGB SDAH LOCAL22.36Sealdah23.0600.30hr
34163BGB SDAH LOCAL23.21Sealdah23.5500.34hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Majerhat and Howrah Jn?
    There are 52 trains beween Majerhat and Howrah Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Majerhat?
    The first train from Majerhat to Howrah Jn is Budge Budge Sealdah LOCAL (34165) departs at 00.13 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Majerhat?
    The first train from Majerhat to Howrah Jn is Budge Budge Sealdah LOCAL (34163) departs at 23.21 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Howrah Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Majerhat to Howrah Jn is Naihati Jn Ballygunge Jn LOCAL (30122) departs at 17.05 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 7km in 00.23 hrs.